One of the suspects in a weekend shooting in La Crosse was back in jail on drug dealing charges Wednesday night, just four hours after being released on a $2,500 cash bond, according to La Crosse police.

Jesse Turnmire


Jesse Turnmire of Bangor posted the bond early Wednesday evening to gain his release from La Crosse County Jail, where he had been jailed in connection with a Saturday night shooting on the South Side.

According to police, Turnmire was arrested about 10:30 p.m. carrying 15 grams of methamphetamine.

Matthew Symitczek


Investigators had received information about a possible drug deal and saw Turnmire and Matthew Symitczek, 32, in a hotel parking lot.

Authorities discovered the methamphetamine on Turnmire, and a large amount of cash and a pellet handgun in Turnmire’s vehicle, along with a box of handgun ammunition, more methamphetamine and suspected heroin in their hotel room.

Turnmire was arrested early Sunday, along with Sophie R. Yang, 30, and Peng Lor, 21, after a vehicle chase. Authorities discovered two handguns, one of them reported stolen, methamphetamine, 8.9 grams of marijuana and 50 rounds of ammunition. One of the guns wasn’t loaded but had a 16-round magazine with 13 live rounds in it, according to the complaint.

Turnmire was charged Wednesday with possession of a firearm by a felon, felony bail jumping and obstructing an officer, all repeat offenses, and Judge Ramona Gonzalez set cash bond at $2,500.

Turnmire is back in jail on charges of possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and two counts of felony bail jumping.

Symitczek is jailed on charges of felony bail jumping, carrying a concealed knife, possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and a probation hold.

The La Crosse Police Department posted an account of Turnmire’s release and subsequent arrest on its Facebook page under the headline “The Revolving Door of La Crosse County.”

“We understand the bond system and that its main objective is securing future court appearances; however, judges are also allowed to consider protection of the community and its safety along with the criminal history of the defendants,” Assistant Chief Rob Abraham said. “Firing bullets into a house is a serious community safety issue. In this incident I don’t believe that community safety was considered by lowering the bond. I don’t understand why our judges keep letting felons with guns consistently back onto the streets.”

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(2) comments

union conservative

While I do understand the complaint by Abraham I think it can be compared to the employment of govt workers who do not do a good job but continue to keep their job. Being a judge would be a thankless job in many cases. Being under fire for following guidelines is apart of the judges job many dont understand. By complaining about the problem you become part of it. Find someone to run against her and I bet Gonzales wins. So who is the real problem?

I do believe revoking the $2500 cash bond would be a great idea if it can be done. A some point we have to take what fuels the problem off the street. And that is money.


Ramona is nuts, $2500 cash bond? It’s time for to go into private practice as she has continually rewarded the clowns that need to be locked up.

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