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An arrest warrant issued Tuesday accuses a Sparta man free on bond in an earlier drug case of trafficking 500 pounds of marijuana from Colorado to Wisconsin over three years.

Corydon Drake


Corydon Drake, 38, is wanted in La Crosse County for conspiracy to commit delivery of THC greater than 10,000 grams.

The case against him unfolded in 2016, when Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Police intercepted a package containing four pounds of marijuana that was shipped from a UPS store in Oregon to a house on North Mill Street in West Salem, according to the complaint filed in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

Video from the store showed a person matching Drake’s description mailing the package, and Amy Kneesel told police Drake paid her in marijuana in exchange for allowing him to ship the drug to her home in West Salem.

A man who started working for Drake last year told investigators that Drake threatened to kill him when someone stole $43,890 worth of marijuana from his basement in late September, the complaint stated.

That man said Drake transports marijuana in an enclosed cargo trailer to Wisconsin from Colorado, where he owns three homes and runs marijuana-growing operations. He said he received hundreds of pounds of marijuana from Drake in the first four months of 2017 and deposited money from buyers into Drake’s bank account, according to the complaint. On one occasion, he delivered $30,000 in drug profits to Drake in Colorado.

On Nov. 6, Drake ordered the man to meet Cazzie Marnach, 38, of Onalaska to pick up Drake’s drug profits. Under police surveillance, Marnach gave the man $38,422.

Investigators followed the man to Drake’s house in Brighton, Colo., the next day. Under surveillance of DEA agents, the man delivered the cash to Drake, according to the complaint.

The man estimated Drake moved 500 pounds of marijuana to Wisconsin, according to the complaint.

Prosecutors charged Drake in April with conspiracy to deliver more than 1,000 grams of THC after he shipped marijuana to the house in West Salem. Kneesel is on a diversion agreement for three drug charges.

Drake has been free on a signature bond since April 20.

Authorities arrested Marnach on Tuesday.

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(26) comments

ida tarbell

What a fan club this guy's got. Everyone posts remarks about Drake being a rat and in the employ of the federales. I don't know Drake but he seems to have quite a history. Working for the feds even.


Let me fill in all the people who think this is a is a guy drake who snitched on a many of people in his past and put people that were doing the same thing he got caught doing away in prison for many years...what goes around comes around don't ever for get that.. the snitch got snitched on


Anyone that messed with corey is dumb. He has been lacrosse's biggest snitch for over ten years. Why do think he is on a signature bond from april this year when he got busted in may 2016. This case should be federal because its across state lines but he works for the feds. He will probably do no time and continue to get others in trouble that are dumb enough to be friends with this loser. Maybe his snitching won't save him for the hundredth time.


He is a lowlife and I cannot wait for karma to find you especially in prison!


I am not affiliated with Corydon Drake Thank God! Not only is he a huge drug dealer -- more than weed, he deals cocaine, and who knows whatever else. Police should check with his motorcycle club buddies, both of them in town, I bet he has snitched on more than one of them to save his soul! I ask myself why is he not held accountable for his actions.

Buggs Raplin

I ran for the state senate in 2016. One of my issues was legalizing marijuana. I failed miserably, but that issue still resounds. There's money to be made for state government to fix our roads, and other things that need government monies. Just look at Colorado. Since all comments here favor legalization, and I assume this is the feeling elsewhere, why not ask Senator Shilling and Representative Billings to introduce legislation legalizing marijuana for recreational use-not just medicinal. Alcohol, after all, is our number one drug problem, and its legal and a big sponsor on TV. C'mon Wisconsin- follow the lead of Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington. Legalize it for recreational and medicinal purposes.-Chip DeNure aka Buggs Raplin.


You forgot Maine,Nevada,Alaska and Massachusetts......

Buggs Raplin

Thanks Muddy. You know what would be cool? if one of the many Democrats running against Walker would come out for legalization.


You people do not understand that "just weed" is possibly laced and think about if it were your child that was buying drugs from Drake who cares for noone but himself and died how would you feel then?


It’s too bad they caught the guy. Seems like if he really wanted to kill someone the guy would be dead by now. I think jury nullification is a good idea. That snitch ought to be ashamed of himself. I don’t feel real sorry for Drake though. He got so greedy he didn’ t use common sense and now he’s bringing a bunch of people down with him. Wisconsin wouldn’t still be in the dark ages if it weren’t for Walker and his cronies.


Nullification? Are you kidding me? This guy has no common sense he is a someone that has burn every brain cell. He deserves no break in the judicial system he is nothing special and should be held for his actions.


Oh good, I see Cazzie is in I will for sure rest easier tonight! But I sure do hope they catch Drake soon cuz, man what a menace to society! Sheeesh!! What a joke! How bout the PD focus on the junkies that keep tossing their used needles NEAR, not even IN, my trash cans! Glad I pay taxes so these troublemaking weed dealers can be locked up...Cmon!


Can we remember this about him.......Charged in La Crosse County Circuit Court with one count each of felony aggravated battery and reckless endangerment were: Corydon F. Drake, 25, of 3609 29th Court S., La Crosse


Just make it legal and forget about it. Our prisons are full because of people caught with pot. God Lord take your heads out of the sand and make money from it for new roads, schools etc like they do in Colorado. Wake up Wisconsin!!!!!


Can we remember this....Charged in La Crosse County Circuit Court with one count each of felony aggravated battery and reckless endangerment were: Corydon F. Drake, 25, of 3609 29th Court S., La Crosse


Really? Our prisons are full because people break the law! Shame on you for showing support for this vile person. Legalization is not up to you and clearly you need to take your head out of the sand! Wake up!

river warrior

this guy is a hero . people quit worshiping the corrupt govt.. the medicinal value he brought to our community literally smokes gunderson and skemp. or lets all overdose on some prescription heroin that is shipped in from afghanistan the country we liberated. I'll be quiet during the jury selection and well get justice with a little jury nullification. trigger warning!


Nice. He is not a hero! He had no intentions on medicinal value, his intention was to line his pockets with dirty money, purchase homes, cars, material things thinking he is the drug lord of Lacrosse.

Rick Czeczok

Legalize it, tax it, and pay for the total infrastructure bill in one swift move........


Matt Vinson


. Police should check with his motorcycle club buddies, both of them in town, I bet he has snitched on more than one of them to save his soul! I ask myself why is he not held accountable for his actions. Is it because he "knows" someone in the court system who slaps his hands. I feel he should have been in jail/prison many years ago.

El Duderino

Which state or alphabet agency is going to be stuck paying the substantial amount of money to prosecute and imprison him? Talk about a waste of resources. The Prison Industrial Complex wins again.


Anyone who states that it is just weed, is sadly mistaken take a look at his rap sheet. Please educate yourself this waist of human space. He . He is the biggest loser that I know. Anyone who associates with him is in the same category he is held in and completely a low life! Everything he has purchased has been with dirty money and should be confiscated from him - he owns nothing. He should never have been allowed to be out on bail BIG mistake Lacrosse County! Another fine example of the Wisconsin judicial system!

El Duderino

He's been free on a signature bond since 4/20. Someone's got a sense of humor.


[angry] This just makes no sense. Half the country has legalized it and half remains in the dark ages. Just legalize it and regulate it like alcohol.

Buggs Raplin

Sarcasm alert: "I'll feel so much better when this guy is behind bars." Realistic Note: Legalize it for chrissakes.

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