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Downtown businesses, church damage by graffiti

The alley side of three downtown businesses and a church were vandalized by graffiti Friday or Saturday.

Vandals spray painted an orange sun and circle, male anatomy, “Love 4 NOT H8,” “Love” and “LGBTQ” in an umbrella and an upside down cross at The Cavalier Theater, Sequel Resale Shop and Credit Bureau Data in the alley at 1005 N. Fifth Ave., according to La Crosse police reports.

In the same alley, “Sinners” was written in spray paint next to a derogatory hand sign, “I’M GAY,” and “Femme F. The Curch” with an upside down cross and flower on the wall of the Cornerstone Community Church.

Police have no suspects.

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(10) comments


Members of the troll nation are busy this morning.


Those crazy liberals. This follows the dingaling that defaced the million $ shoreline park in Onalaska.

Time for another rally by the Free Stuff Army to keep the "gimme gimme" crowd occupied (no pun intended) and off the streets. How about it Tribune, can you arrange something?

Tim Russell

Pretty sure it was the Russians.


NO...the Nazis did it according to the Fibune.


You deface this site every day Boz.


They're probably teenagers and have no political affiliation, but think what your demented mind wants to.

random annoying bozo

so liberals and progressives are out and about defacing property.....isn't that special.


Remember when the sidewalk had graffiti on it? A good number of people thought it was an expression of free speech, see what it leads to?


I think there is a difference between spray paint and side walk chalk.

random annoying bozo

graffiti is graffiti, the medium used to deface property makes no difference, defacement ss defacement

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