A Holmen man was charged Wednesday with two counts of third-degree sexual assault after a Dec. 11 incident at the victim’s Sparta home.

John Holmes, 49, of 906 Greenwood St., is accused of forcing a woman he met on a dating website to engage in unprotected sex, leaving her with bruising around her mouth, according to the complaint.

Holmes and the victim had been on one previous date before he came to her residence about 8:30 a.m. Dec. 11 to “get to know her better,” according to the complaint. Holmes began kissing the victim and exposed himself, grabbing the victim’s head to force her to perform oral sex, according to the complaint.

Holmes proceeded to fully undress himself and attempted to take off the victim’s belt, to which she protested verbally and tried to stop him, according to the complaint.

After a three-minute struggle, Holmes removed the victim’s pants and performed sexual intercourse, according to the complaint. The victim underwent a sexual assault nurse examination the afternoon of the incident.

Holmes stated the encounter was consensual and that he understands the word “no,” telling the officer he “is a good-looking guy, in shape, and does not have to struggle getting women.”

Each charge may result in a fine of not more than $25,000 or not more than 10 years of imprisonment, or both.

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