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A Holmen woman charged with stabbing a man multiple times while high on methamphetamine was sentenced Tuesday to three years on probation.

Pa Zielke, 35, must follow drug treatment recommendations while on supervision as a condition of the sentence imposed by La Crosse County Circuit Judge Gloria Doyle, who also ordered Zielke to 279 days already served.

“If you were sober and someone was calling you a bad mom and calling you names, I would like to think you wouldn’t go after him with a knife,” Doyle said.

The victim told police Zielke tried to stab him in the chest during an argument over money late June 22 at 615 N. Main St. in Holmen, according to the complaint. He defended himself by punching her in the head and suffered stab wounds to his arm, hand and finger that required stitches to close.

Zielke told police the victim called her derogatory names before she drew a knife from her purse. Both were cut when the man tried to disarm her.

Zielke admitted that she asked her 10-year-old daughter to retrieve a gun and threatened to shoot the victim if he didn’t leave, court records state. Her two other children also were present during the incident.

She pleaded no contest to second-degree recklessly endangering safety, while a charge of substantial battery was dismissed but considered by the court at sentencing.

A pre-sentence investigation and attorneys asked the judge adopt a probation sentence, although prosecutors sought the maximum one-year jail sentence. The victim did not attend the hearing.

Zielke took responsibility for her conduct during a short statement to the court.

“The situation could have been much worse,” she said.

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(3) comments


Crazy to let her out on the street with such a light sentence. Cannot believe the guy who stabbed his mother got off with probation. What is wrong with LaCrosse's judges?


I sure feel safer with scum like this out on the street. Hopefully one of these days one of these fine outstanding people the just made a bad choice, that these judges turn lose, do something to one of these judges family or friends! Maybe when it hits home to these clowns they’ll start doing their job and start locking people like this for a long long time!!!! Fire all these judges and lets put someone on the bench that will protect us, Thank God for CCP since big brother won’t protect us we can!!!!!


I can't believe she got probation!!! Time to fire all the judges and start over!!!

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