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The Mouse of Death

[censored]It would behoove the Revolving Door Court of La Crosse County to release this perpetrator 999,999 more times to maximize unreasonableness. We are indeed bemezzled by Judges who think they are defense attorneys which was their last job not their current job so that more unreasonable decision can be made for the bad of the community.


Jourdan Vian: Why did you not report the name of the judge who released Melton?

Tommy Duncan

"A La Crosse man..."?


What would the new pre trial assessment program have done?


This man is a sexual deviant and his need for satisfaction is escalating. He should not be out on bond. What if the 4-year old's mother had not discovered him in her daughter's room? This man is dangerous and the judge was negligent in allowing him out on bond.


High rate of reoffending


No contact with minors except as a function of his job. What?????? He was caught standing over a 4 yr old with his pants down and an erection. Hopefully he's not employed at Chucky Cheese or driving an ice cream truck. The "golden state killer" (like many rapists )started out as a peeping Tom. He went on to rape over 50 women and kill about 12 people. This person is a walking red flag!

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