A La Crosse man faces multiple battery charges after police said he hit an officer twice on Sunday after a brief foot pursuit.

Brian S. Geiwitz, 23, of La Crosse was charged Monday in La Crosse County Circuit Court with two counts of battery to a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

According to the criminal complaint:

Brian Geiwitz mug


La Crosse police saw Geiwitz walking westbound on Monitor Street Sunday “screaming and running for no apparent reason.”

Geiwitz started banging on a vehicle’s window, then continued walking down Monitor Street before police turned on their emergency lights to check on Geiwitz’s well-being.

Geiwitz ran toward a vehicle that had all its windows down and was waiting at a stoplight at Monitor Street and Copeland Avenue. The driver said she feared for her life when Geiwitz reached into the car and began screaming.

The woman drove off in a panic with Geiwitz holding onto the passenger side of the car. She stopped when police turned on their squad car’s sirens.

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The driver, who appeared to be drunk, stopped her car and ran toward police.

A brief police pursuit ensued when Geiwitz saw authorities approaching him.

After police apprehended him, Geiwitz punched the officer while he was handcuffing him.

Police were able to gain control of Geiwitz before taking him to the hospital, where he hit the officer again, police said.

Medical staff restrained Geiwitz and tested him for intoxicants.

Geiwitz was eventually taken to La Crosse County Jail and issued a signature bond.

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(8) comments

Steve Geiwitz

This article concerns my son Brian He is a clean cut, non drug using, well mannered, hard worker who works s a full time job. He goes out once a week with his friends, as alot of young people do. This particular night they went out and he had way too much to drink, had a blackout moment and is now being referred to as a good for nothing "meth head" by some news agencies? Even though this situation deserves to be taken seriously, As a parent, I cant help but get angry because of the way it's being blown completely out of proportion. The test results say "Acute alcohol consumption " nothing about "illicit drugs". I do not appreciate or understand, why the woman with the car is so hell bent on making my son look like he's an animal when she should be more concerned about the drinking ticket,she apparently received

Buena Vista

Any person who punches a cop deserves a high five.


Buena, anyone who punches you deserves a trip to Disney World. Anyone who beats hell out of someone as thoughtless and mindless as you are deserves the medal of honor, plus a trip to Disney. What a BOOB!


He won’t spend a day in jail. I’d bet real money on it.


"Medical staff restrained Geiwitz and tested him for intoxicants." Gee I wonder what the results will be?

Buena Vista

...that's none of your business.


Was the driver charged? Some more thorough investigative reporting needed before writing half a story.


Agreed, there isn't even notation of what time it was when this was all happening.

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