La Crosse man, 19, accused of strangling and suffocating girlfriend

La Crosse man, 19, accused of strangling and suffocating girlfriend

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A La Crosse man faces multiple domestic-abuse charges Wednesday accusing him of strangling and suffocating his girlfriend.

Noah J. Betz


Noah J. Betz, 19, of La Crosse was charged with strangulation and suffocation, felony intimidation of a victim, misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, all with a domestic-abuse enhancer, according to the criminal complaint.

Charges also include possession of THC and misdemeanor bail jumping, according to the police report.

According to the complaint:

On May 9, an anonymous caller to La Crosse police reported people yelling and threatening each other on the 1300 block of South Fifth Avenue.

Police said the victim told them she and Betz broke up, and that Betz had left the apartment, but returned about 1 a.m.

She told police Betz strangled her multiple times, impeding her breathing and causing her to gag, and dragged her to the floor, hurting her head and back.

The victim fought back by striking Betz in the head, pulling his hair and squirming around, which led to Betz slapping her, according to the complaint.

The attack lasted about one minute and the victim was able to scream once Betz removed his hands from around her neck.

She said screaming for help prevented Betz from attacking her again.

Betz slapped the phone out of her hand when she tried calling 911 — just as police knocked on the door.

Betz said, “Don’t send me to jail” and “I am sorry; don’t open the door.”

Betz jumped out the window as the victim opened the door for the police, and she received several missed calls from a phone number she believes to be related to Betz while speaking with police. Betz was later apprehended.

The victim said that she feared for her life, and that Betz could have killed her and had threatened to kill her in the past.

Police found Betz at the intersection of Caledonia Street and Wall Street.

Betz said the victim accused him of doing meth, pushed him, and scratched his face and neck. He said he pushed her away, she fell on the floor and then he left.

Betz denied putting his hands around her neck and ran because he doesn’t like police.

Police reported seeing scratches on his neck and upper lip.

Betz told police he had marijuana in his underwear when he was taken to jail, and police discovered he had a bond condition of not committing any crimes.


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