Isaiah Stenson

Isaiah Stenson, 24, appears Monday afternoon in La Crosse County Circuit Court in connection with a shooting incident Saturday night in downtown La Crosse in which two people were injured. He is expected to be charged Wednesday.

A 24-year-old La Crosse man was charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety and several other counts in connection with an altercation in which two people were shot early Sunday in downtown La Crosse.

Isaiah P. Stenson Jr. mug


Isaiah P. Stenson Jr., 24, was arrested at about 2 a.m. Sunday in connection with the incident, which had occurred at about 12:15 a.m. at Third and Main streets. The two people shot, whom police did not identify, went to Gundersen Health System at about 12:40 a.m. and were treated for gunshot wounds and released, according to the La Crosse Police Department.

Police initially responded to a call for a disturbance among several people in the middle of the 100 block of South Third Street. The people involved in the fracas began walking north on Third Street, and shots were fired when the group neared Main, according to the police report.

Witnesses identified Stenson as the potential suspect described his vehicle, details that police were able to confirm from the downtown Safe-Cam video system.

Officers located the vehicle about 2 a.m. and determined that the suspect was in the car. They arrested him without incident, according to police.

In addition to the charge of first-degree recklessly endangering safety, Stenson also was charged with resisting or obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct, felony theft and possession of THC when he appeared Monday afternoon in La Crosse Circuit Court. Stenson, who has been in La Crosse but has no permanent address, is from Toledo, Ohio, according to police records.

The felony theft charges are in connection with a July 25 incident in which Stenson was accused of stealing a 55-inch flat screen TV and a laptop from an apartment where he had lived with his former girlfriend, according to a police report.

The pair had broken up that day, and Stenson told police he took the items, valued at $1,500 apiece, intending to sell them to recoup $200 he said the woman owed him, according to the report.

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Stenson, who is being held in the La Crosse County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond, alleged that the girlfriend, with whom he has since reconciled, owed him the money because she had flushed two Percocets down the toilet. He intended to sell the items to settle the debt, he told police.

Upon being told that the laptop was not hers, he returned it to its rightful owner, according to the police report.

Police credited the Safe-Cam videos for their ability to arrest Stenson quickly in the shooting case.

“The video provided police with very specific details of the suspected shooter and ultimately the confidence that they were arresting the right person when they located Isaiah Stenson,” a police department news release said.

“Additionally, having multiple camera views provided clarity of who was involved in the incident and the vehicle that Stenson fled in after the shooting,” the release said.

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(15) comments


He will take a plea to even lesser charges


All the race baiting aside. Trash is trash. I just can believe the charges. But I guess we let baby killers walk.

Rick Czeczok

Judges must stop this as people are dying. Letting guys like this off with small sentence's has to stop. Prisons need to be made to be a place you do not want to go to, not a hotel room. Make them self sustaining with gardens, farms, and work shops. Work and sleep that's the life, if you decide to do stupid over humanism.


Some of the comments I am seeing on this news story via other social media outlets....."I'm shocked to see his race". "These people need to be sent back to Chicago/Milwaukee". "Crime didn't start happening in LaCrosse until "these people" started moving here". "White people in LaCrosse are sick of "them" taking over our city". "Our community has been over run by blacks who migrated here to sell drugs". "We are little Chicago, just walk the streets and look at the diversity, we don't need these people here"......and so on. While I agree that we want our streets to be safe and our children to grow up in a community where they feel safe, stereotyping and racism isn't going to solve the problem. I know many black people in this community who are productive citizens. Some come from Chicago, some Milwaukee, Virginia, Indiana, etc.... Keep it real....people make their own choices, it doesn't matter what color they are. If you look on the County Jail website, you will see plenty of "white" people who "belong here" listed for numerous charges. I see meth heads walking down the street that "grew up here". I see people in jail on again, off again, that "grew up here". It's all about the choices individuals are making....period!!!


Bulls eye, laxlax. You're exactly right. Yes, there are bad black people. And good ones. And yes, there are bad white people. And good ones. Martin Luther King, Jr., said it as well as it can be said: "We must judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin." Using the skin color judgment system, try this: I have lost most of my hair. A cousin of mine has gray hair, but he has a ton of it. Based on the amount of hair we have, which one of us is the better human being? That's a stupid question. If he's a missionary surgeon and I'm a professional shop-lifter, or vice versa, what does the amount of hair we have have to do with that? Skin color or hair quantity are equally stupid, inaccurate ways to judge people.

Mr Wizard

A "Lacrosse man", with no permanent address, from Toledo Ohio. I don't think he's a shoe salesman. Attempted murder is what he did and that is what he should be charged with. Chicago started with this same type of BS.


Sure LAX, there are plenty of" whites" in jail, but look at the black population being arrested. Percentage- wise, whites (at least for now)far out number blacks in the area. I'd like to see the stats on what percentage of the black population is being arrested as opposed to percentage of whites that make up the population being arrested. Check it out, quite a few offenders are from out of this area. Not racism, if it's FACT.


was he aiming at someone or just shooting at people because he's a complete fool??


Recklessly endangering safety? Are they serious? Where's the attempted murder charge?


They’re afraid of black riots if they hold him accountable. Criminals are running our country, he’ll end up on probation the non punishment.


Inaccurate stereotype again. The "Black Lives Matter" movement and protests (or riots as some people call them), are not intended to defend criminals. They are intended to get well deserved justice for the inequality treatment of a particular race. Some do take it too far, that I do agree with, however, it's a small percentage. This man is innocent until proven guilty (looks like they have plenty of evidence and witnesses) just like if it was your brother or cousin or mine. As far as him ending up on probation, that is the local judges M-O, not the police and not the community. You think the black community wants someone running the streets that is willing to fire shots where one of their loved ones may be innocently hanging out at? If you think that, we have more issues that I thought.


Ahh, take it to far??? Like in Ferguson where they burned the neighborhood? I’d say they take it to far. When was the last time they actually rallied for an INNOCENT man?


They sure are. Starting at the top.


More racist claptrap from local bigot the Hoaxer. How pathetic.


Another non response from Cassie, with a lack of legitimacy . " more racist claptrap from local bigot the Hoaxer"When liberals don't have a legitimate argument, they resort to name calling and accusations of racism, sexism or homophobia. Look up the facts on the Ferguson occurrence. If the Hoaxers statement isn't accurate, he's awfully close.

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