The 18-year-old at the center of a Twitter storm that outraged community members last week faced charges Tuesday as a repeat offender in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

Ronald Crosby Jr., of La Crosse was charged with sexual assault of a child younger than 16 years old, repeater, criminal trespassing and two counts of felony bail jumping, a repeat offender.

Judge Scott Horne denied the district attorney’s office request of a GPS monitor.

Ronald Crosby Jr.

Ronald Crosby Jr.

According to the complaint:

On June 22, police received a report about 3 a.m. regarding a sexual assault that occurred between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on June 21.

The victim, who had been staying at the complainant’s residence for several weeks and was at the hospital when the report was made, said Crosby came over, the two began kissing and Crosby touched her genitals, both consensually, before the victim had to remove his hands seven times and tell him she did not want to have sex because he was aggressive.

She said Crosby forced her to have sexual intercourse, according to the complaint.

The victim said she told him to stop several times and he said, something to the effect of, “Oh, you’re fine. Why are you freaking out?”

She said she’d only started talking to Crosby a few days before the incident and made it clear she did not want to have sex.

Crosby denied having sex with the victim and wanted to get a DNA test to prove his innocence.

Crosby said he visited the residence several times throughout the day and was smoking marijuana. He said he and the victim had been flirting and kissing several times throughout the day, and that the victim attempted to grab is genitals over his clothes.

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About 9:30 p.m., Crosby said he was alone in the living room and lying on the couch when the victim began kissing him. He said they started kissing for several minutes before Crosby began touching the victim’s genitals over her clothes.

Crosby said the friend who the victim was staying with came in and the victim immediately went to the bathroom and wouldn’t come out. He said people started accusing him of doing something he wasn’t supposed to do, so he left.

Crosby, who is 18, said the victim’s friends said she was 17 and he only found out the victim was 15 after the incident.

On June 23, Crosby was arrested and released with a no-contact condition with the victim or her residence.

About 15 minutes after his release, Crosby went back to the residence where the victim was staying, stormed into the house yelling and screaming:

“I told y‘all not to mess with me. Stop [expletive] playing with me,” Crosby said, “Ain’t nothin’ safe over there. Bitches are gonna pay.”

Crosby then left and was later arrested.

Crosby, whose preliminary hearing is July 12, is still facing charges of robbery with use of force, battery, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct (repeat offender) from a separate case in Nov. 20, 2018. Crosby is accused of punching and kicking a woman as he took her car without permission, according to the police report.

Rob Abraham, La Crosse’s assistant chief of police, objected to Crosby’s release on a signature bond in a series of tweets and after Crosby’s court appearance last week.

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I'd like to take care of this stupid punk myself. A couple rounds with my dogs and I'm pretty sure he won't be trying that again. BUT just to be sure I'd put him in jail afterwards and let them have whats left of his butt.


Looks like Horne has joined the Ramona/Doyle love fest of pampering.


You and “Montee” are in love with Ramona. You know you are.


As usual, you’re delusional.


What's not to love about Ramona, Gloria and their kind? They do such great work for the people of La Crosse County....


Gloria, you know what to do!

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