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A La Crosse man who earlier this year admitted throwing roofing nails onto driveways of residents who supported Republican candidates after someone stole his lawn sign supporting a Democratic candidate must serve 1,440 hours of community service.

Martin Sellers


Martin Sellers, 59, also was ordered Monday to pay $5,000 restitution after pleading no contest to two counts of disorderly conduct in La Crosse County Circuit Court. Circuit Judge Ramona Gonzalez stayed a six-month jail sentence. 

Five homeowners on Lincoln Avenue, Ward Avenue, Elm Drive and Springbrook Way for three years reported nails in driveways. 

Sellers said he periodically targeted driveways of homes that displayed signs supporting Republicans “out of anger for the political system,” according to La Crosse police reports. One homeowner stated the vandalism resumed after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

A homeowner who installed a surveillance system caught Sellers’ vehicle on camera. One victim reported having to replace four tires on his car.


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Oh how the Trump peanut gallery likes to chirp. The Republicans have sold their souls for this carnival barker.


This is a pretty heavy sentence by Ramona when compared to other violent crimes she has sentenced.

Wi Fan

So when someone has a different opinion , we should:
A. Realize that people are entitled to their opinion
B. Have a polite conversation about your differences
C. Be petty, destructive and childlike

random annoying bozo

nothing to see here....just a liberalism on display...they are really good at destroying other peoples property.


Community service will entail working for the Democratic Party; probably teaching his acolytes how not to get caught.

Hillary 4 Prison

This will garner him massive support to run for office with a D by his name. I'm sure the power-brokers at the Bodega are already in talks with him.

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