La Crosse police and community members expressed outrage Monday when a man sentenced to two years’ probation for his part in the gang rape of two teenage girls in 2017 was back in court on a second-degree sexual assault charge and released on a signature bond.

Ronald Crosby Jr., 18, was arrested on charges of second-degree sexual assault of a child on Saturday. Crosby was released on a signature bond and arrested again after intimidating the victim and the person who reported the crime, authorities said.

Crosby’s release sparked outrage at the La Crosse County Circuit Court, where several officers were needed to assist Monday.

Ronald Crosby Jr.

Ronald Crosby Jr.

La Crosse interim police chief Rob Abraham


Rob Abraham, La Crosse’s assistant chief of police, objected to Crosby’s release on a signature bond in a series of tweets during the weekend and after Crosby’s court appearance Monday.

Crosby has not been formally charged for the weekend’s incident but a complaint is expected to be filed next week, said Tim Gruenke, La Crosse County district attorney.

Gruenke said judges have the authority to release someone on a signature bond during a 48-hour probable cause review.

Crosby appeared in La Crosse County Circuit Court Monday and Judge Gloria Doyle issued Crosby a $2,000 signature bond.

In the rape case, Crosby, who was 17 at the time, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree sexual assault, delivering heroin and resisting an officer, on Oct. 18, 2018, in La Crosse County Circuit Court. Four counts of bail jumping were dismissed but read in.

Crosby is still facing charges of robbery with use of force, battery, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct (repeat offender) from a separate case in Nov. 20, 2018. Crosby is accused of punching and kicking a woman as he took her car without permission, according to the police report.

On Sunday, Abraham tweeted:

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“Yesterday LCPD arrests this guy AGAIN or 2nd Deg Sex Assault of a child. Today Judge Doyle lets him out on a Sig Bond!! He then promptly goes to the victims house to intimidate her and we send him back to jail hours after being released!!!”

“It is time for people to demand answers from judges for decisions like these! Why the hell was he let out before a DA could argue for a cash bond? Why aren’t victims given ANY consideration? Lax Co judges are so obsessed with keeping people out of jail that it’s sickening!”

“And yes, he is innocent until proven guilty, and when found guilty our judges will promptly slap his hand, cry for him, tell everyone how bad he had it and it was all our fault for his crimes!”

After Crosby’s Monday court appearance, Abraham tweeted:

“I was just informed that Ronald Crosby was once again released on a signature bond this afternoon... People wonder why the Criminal Justice Sys in this county is a joke...look no further people!”

“I am sorry for the victims of this community and that we can’t do more to protect you.”

Abraham also released the following statement Monday:

“The La Crosse Police Department is fully aware of the purpose of bond. Ronald Crosby through his previous actions has shown the court that he is not trustworthy and will not follow the conditions of probation, justice sanctions or bonds. Ronald Crosby is a convicted heroin dealer, has a conviction for 4th degree sex assault and is currently on bond for robbery. Crosby was arrested Saturday on allegations of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child. Judge Doyle, without hearing an argument from the State at an initial appearance, released him on a signature bond Sunday afternoon. Hours later Crosby was arrested again at the same location of the alleged sexual assault for having contact with the victim and allegedly committing another crime. Today, Judge Doyle once again released him on another signature bond after the State argued for a $10,000 cash bond. How anyone can look a victim or citizen in the eye and justify this is simply unbelievable. The system of bond in this county and state is broken. I am sorry for the victims of this community and that we can’t do more to protect you.”

Rob Abraham named interim chief of La Crosse Police Department

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(17) comments


I question whether anybody commenting on this story has any idea of the law regarding pre-trial release and the procedure that is followed by the courts. If you did, you wouldn't sound so ignorant! The problem is the Asst Chief Abraham does know but counts on the fact that you don't.


Bond is a tool to help ensure a defendant will show up for trial. Don't pretend this is where the judge's discretion and duty ends as it pertains to bond, sharkcutie.

If a defendant already on parole/probation is charged with another similar crime, the law permits the court to deny bail on the grounds that the defendant will willfully continue committing offenses while free. A judge may, according to the law, keep such a defendant in jail until trial to protect the welfare of society. The opinion Asst Chief Abraham and others commenting here is the judge should use bond, not as a form of punishment but as a means to protect law-abiding citizens from a person who has demonstrated their willful disregard for the law and for welfare of others.

Abraham criticizes appropriately, IMO: "The La Crosse Police Department is fully aware of the purpose of bond. Ronald Crosby through his previous actions has shown the court that he is not trustworthy and will not follow the conditions of probation, justice sanctions or bonds. "

Bond may also be lawfully denied to defendants who are flagged as potentially violent offenders. This defendant has already been convicted for his role in the gang rape of two teenage girls in 2017 (qualifies as violent, I think...yes?).

Today, his arrest for sexual assault of a child shows a likely pattern of repeat violent crime which meets that condition of the law which permits a jusdge to deny bond, IMO, which may or may not be shared by others (including Asst Chief Abraham). This suspicion of violent threat or willful disregard of the law is confirmed by his (alleged) return to the scene of the assault to make contact with the victim after his arrest and release on bond. I suspect one of the conditions of his bond was that he not have contact with the victim. If it was not a condition, something else is very wrong with the court/judge.


Thank you very much for your comments/reply, crank.


The Wisconsin statutes regarding bonds and denial of them are readily accessible on line. Statutes clearly give judges discretion to set bail or deny bail where public safety is in jeopardy. Abraham is correct in speaking out.


In almost every election for La Crosse County Circuit Court, judges run for office unopposed. That and the low voter turnout make La Crosse County a haven for criminals. Until we have alternative candidates to elect, we are stuck with the current group of incompetent and irresponsible judges like Doyle and Gonzales.


How so?


The most recent election saw five judges reelected...all were un-apposed.


Mr Abraham - Instead of sounding like you are trying to become the next COP, why don't you run for Judge if you think you can do better?

let it go

If you look at where these judges live and the people they let out on signature bonds you may see that they do not live anywhere near where the criminals live. This problem has been around for over 14 years where we feel sorry and let them out. AC Abraham for Chief of Police.


Do you actually think that if Abraham is made Chief, that he will have any bond amount decision making authority? I can assure you that he won't.


“I am sorry for the victims of this community and that we can’t do more to protect you.” Start by helping the prosecutor present a case that isn't so flimsy that the judge feels a signature bond is appropriate.


Can you give examples of this, with details Cassandra?


When you compare similar cases in other Counties throughout the State, you really get a better prospective of how serious our situation is here in our community of La Crosse County. The way the judiciary is treating these offenders, especially the repeat offenders regarding bail and sentencing has got to change. La Crosse has a reputation of being soft on crime so this is where the drug dealers want to do their business because they know they can be back out on signature bond and back in business in no time and they just get a slap on the hand. It is time our community demands change from our judges to keep us safe or vote them out. But we need some quality candidates to run against them based on this issue.


Doyle had the chance to correct her first lack of judgement but only compounded it with her second. She must have attended the Ramona school of parole and is trying to exceed her professor. Crosby has proved he cannot be trusted or just doesn’t care, either way, why she let him free is irresponsible to public safety.

The Mouse of Death

[censored]It would behoove us to laud our incompetent county judges for reaching the pinnacle of ineptitude for which they should all win a prize. We are indeed bemezzled by lather, rinse, repeat so revolving-door courtrooms ensure max violence within the community.

Jim Page

Well said A.C. Abraham. Respect


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now there's some RARE candor. Well said!

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