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Prosecutors Thursday filed drug charges against a La Crosse mother found with methamphetamine after her daughter’s death early Monday on the city’s North Side.

Roberta Draheim


Roberta Draheim, 50, is charged in La Crosse County Circuit Court with possession of meth with intent to deliver and possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

Draheim called 911 about 3:30 a.m. Monday when she found her daughter, Britney Masewicz, unresponsive in bed with her two young children at their shared home, according to La Crosse police reports.

She told police that her daughter was searching for heroin the evening before to ease tooth pain.

“My daughter is dead,” Draheim told dispatchers. “It’s heroin. I know it’s heroin.”

Efforts to revive Masewicz were unsuccessful. She was 25.

Draheim was inconsolable and uncooperative with officers, who believed she was under the influence of a drug, reports stated.

Police found 12 grams of meth and drug paraphernalia throughout the house and small bags with trace amounts of meth and a BB gun in Draheim’s bedroom, according to the criminal complaint. Officers also found a plastic bag with a residue consistent with heroin in the living room.

An autopsy done on Masewicz revealed no obvious cause of death, and toxicology results could take up to three weeks, La Crosse County Medical Examiner Tim Candahl said.

Prosecutors said in court that Draheim could face a first-degree reckless homicide charge, which holds drug dealers accountable in fatal overdose cases, depending on the toxicology results and criminal investigation.

Draheim, who does not have a criminal record, is free on a $5,000 signature bond.

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(27) comments


So how did we get here?,


What is your point?


If they could only hand a perspective drug user a mirror and show them what they’ll look like in 5 years, that could cure a lot! Everyone thinks it “won’t happen to me!” Or “I only party.” Add her to the waiting list of 1000 others in need of treatment. Too bad we don’t have treatment resources...too bad these people have too many rights...the defense has defended these people to the point the helpers can’t help. It’s a conundrum.

let it go

$5,000 for someone who was arrested in Feb for 2 felony counts. This is not a homeless person who was addicted to drugs, this is a homeowner. Her daughter had to have used in the past. Toothache? We have a drug problem because we do not take the dealers and the users off of the street to get clean. You will say it cost money. But who is going to pay for all the damage she has caused in other people's lives?


And yet, Buggs Raplin thinks we should legalize all drugs.

Rick Czeczok

Stay on subject, attaching people is not the subject. Just can't help yourself, can you? Please get help, something is wrong and there are people who can help you.


Methinks you sir are the one who needs help. YOU are the one calling people names and saying things about others you can't prove. Like Cassy is a man. YOU are the one that can't help yourself. You implied somebody slandered you and yet you can't even explain that. Try looking in the mirror you phony.


I can't believe that her own Mother aided her with her drug problem. How sick is that?? Look what meth has done to her gosh she looks like she's 70!! We need to vote out the Judges that let these drug dealers out on probation!! It's not the cops fault its the Judges!! Time to drain the swamp...


What's wrong with being seventy? My wife just had her 71st birthday today, and her hair is still naturally brown, and she looks ten years younger. I'd say the meth addict looks more like mid 80's.


Nobody said something is wrong being 70 BUT if you're 50 and look 70 something is wrong. BUT I think that woman looks closer to 90, not to offend anyone in their 90's.


Where do you get that the mother aided the daughter, AT ALL, with her drug problem? You OBVIOUSLY don't know the mother if you think meth has done anything to her. Did you ever think that she may not look her age from other factors? Weight loss? Grief? Genetics? Has ALWAYS had HUGE smile lines? You have absolutely no idea what has happened in this lady's life to cause her lines. But, no - really. Go ahead and judge her from ONE short news article. Really.


I can tell you one thing, she didn't look like this three years ago.


You don't think the shock and grief and panic and being taken away from your grandchildren isn't going to show on your face? You speak as if you know her, well then you know she has always has deep laugh lines, and perhaps early age lines (not to be indelicate). You know she's lost weight since Randall passed and that's going to contribute big time to someone who has skin like hers. I do not know if she is/was on drugs or not. If she IS, then yes. That's going to effect her looks. But if she's not, then I hope you can find it in your judgmental heart to forgive her for looking so unacceptable in her mugshot.


I am one of the strongest proponents for removing dealers and drugs off and out of our community. That being said this hits close to home as we have had close ties to the family. It is a tragic story and shows how addiction ruins the lives of a normal family in a short time. I am sure that no matter the results of the investigation, no punishment will compare to the loss of her daughter. She will have to live with the pain of burying her child which no parent should ever have to endure. This story is why our judiciary MUST do all in their power to send a message to the criminals in the area that you are not welcome in our community. If not then we as voters MUST vote for any


Thank you.

El Duderino

Respectfully, Megan, the cops aren’t letting people loose from jail. They have discretion when it comes to traffic infractions and the like. I share your frustrations, but I think your ire is with the DA’s office.


That is what Meth will do to you....daughter got a "hot shot". I hope her kids don't remember either one of these people.

El Duderino

Faces of Meth...

Whoa, that’s frightening.


No criminal record that's a joke she was busted for meth not that long ago during a traffic stop then 2 days later bam it's off record and now she is back out on the street. Just a matter of time before she puts the meth back out on the streets. Sad how everyone gets told how big of a problem the drugs are in this town and then the cops let people like this out and to do as they please while they turn a blind eye to it all. She should still be in a jail cell


No worries for her, Ramona will understand her plight and take care of this lost soul.


You a Ramona stalker? You seem to have a personal grudge against her...

Rick Czeczok

Again, attach? Oh, please get help, it's not normal or healthy for you to go through life so miserable.


Try answering my question then troll. Who slandered you? I can print your comment again you would like.


I hope the children are taken OUT of the Family, and I am sure they will be checked for drugs. How Horrible for these children, I hope they will go to a good family home. Given a chance at life.


Sadly, this woman represents but a microcosm of the flourishing, "pharmaceutical" problem plaguing the Upper North Side. Perhaps the hag will "bring down the house" on the sources.


50 years old? She doesn't look a day under 75. Drugs have not been kind to her.


I'm sorry, but that is the oldest looking 50 year old I have EVER seen... DON'T DO DRUGS!!!!

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