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The La Crosse County District Attorney’s office has declined to prosecute two people arrested early Monday after an officer caught them having sex in a car parked on La Crosse’s South Side.

According to a police report, an officer responding to a complaint about the noise found Bailey Puttkemery, 21, and Emily Scott, 20, both of La Crosse, nude in the backseat and engaged in sex in a car parked in the 900 block of Adams Street. They didn’t stop their activity when police asked them to.

Both were arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior, but charges will not be filed in the case.


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And the Award goes to

Today's award goes out to the LAX Tribune for posting the pictures of these 2 for a second time - after charges were dropped. Your actions are pathetic, and you should take down these pictures immediately. Shame on you for running this story twice.


Gotta believe some attorney has contacted these two to propose a civil suit. The tribune has violated its public trust by needlessly seeking to defame these two kids and to profit by ridiculing them in public and in so doing has needlessly injured their future social and job prospects.


random annoying bozo

don't be surprised if you see this guy making the talk show rounds....thjs story has gone national.


There was no need to put their pictures out there. While the story is titillating and helps generate clicks, it is unethical. Our media industry in a nutshell.


The guy is probably going to treat the whole situation as a badge of honor, the girl not so much.


Pathetic the Tribune calls this newsworthy. This seals the deal to cancel my subscription. For months now the front page reads like the sports section. Can't find anything newsworthy in the area? Today there were 10 articles about sports. Done with it.


Like Adam and Eve?
Lacrosse-anites, have a far stricter view of sexual morals,
than regular folks.
THAT...could be a drag, man.


Meanwhile, the Tribune chooses to continue to their defamation of these 2 love birds, thanks to the overreaction of LaX PD. They should sue the PD for harassment. The Tribune can't get much more tabloid.

union conservative

I didn't know it was illegal to have sex in a car. I guess we will have to stop and do it front of the kids. This was one of the all time stupidest arrests I have heard of by La Crosse Police.


Posting their pictures all over like this is something unusual for the PD is probably punishment enough. I hope they and their families relished their 15 minutes of shame.


They have already be tried enough by the pubic...I mean public.

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