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Prosecutors Tuesday charged a La Crosse woman with threatening to kill a man the day before she posted a video on social media that led to a shooting on State Street.

Monica Thompson, 19, about 4:30 p.m. April 9 confronted a man walking on the city’s North Side and said she would shoot him in the head if he continued to disrespect her family, according to the complaint filed in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

The next afternoon, Thompson used Facebook Live to taunt Ramon Washington, telling him to come fight her and that she was not afraid to die, according to La Crosse police reports.

Referencing George Miller’s 2015 shooting death, Thompson said in her video post, “If y’all keep at like this, imma send y’all’s a— to where the f— y’all homie at,” reports stated. Deshawn Randall shot and killed Miller, 17, on Aug. 21 after a confrontation outside Thompson’s previous residence at 1313 Redfield St.

Surveillance video captured Washington shooting at Thompson at about 4:40 p.m. April 10 while she was outside 1008 State St., according to reports. No one was injured, and Thompson fled after the shooting.

About an hour later, the man threatened by Thompson said he believed she drove by his house and told him, “You’re next,” according to the complaint.

Thompson, arrested Monday during a traffic stop, was charged Tuesday with disorderly conduct and two counts of bail jumping and released by Circuit Judge Elliott Levine on a $5,000 signature bond.

Washington, 18, of Onalaska and three others involved in the State Street shooting — Johnathan Berlanga, 20, Steven Brock, 19, and Devon Yang, 19, all of La Crosse — are charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree recklessly endangering safety, both with the use of a dangerous weapon and as party to the crime. All are in jail.


Police and courts reporter

Anne Jungen covers law enforcement and the criminal justice system in La Crosse County. She joined the Tribune reporting staff in December 2005. You can contact her directly at or 608-791-8224.

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keepsing it real in jail


This lovely lady has a actually ver pretty "girlfriend" that she beats the hell out of. i have seen her with bruises all over. She is dangerous and needs to learn a lesson with some signifacant time behind bars.




Progressive judge Gonzalez, Ramona A. handled most of her cases so far, now Left Wing judge Bjerke, Todd W is assigned to handle the "next" scheduled hearing.

This is what the VOTERS in La Crosse County want, it is what they choose, and who they vote for. Oops, most registered voters don't vote LOL.

Keep staying home and soon you won't have a home.


What the heck is wrong with kids these days?! Didn't your parents teach you anything?! All of these kids are still teenagers!! Do you not understand that playing with guns can kill people and when you kill people they don't come back?! This is serious! Go to school, graduate, and make something of your lives!! These people that you are spending time with now are not going to be there with you in 10 years. They don't really care about you. You need to look out for yourselves. THAT'S IT. If you stay on this path you are going to be living in a dump that's crumbling down, living paycheck to paycheck or welfare check to welfare check you're whole life. That is if you manage to stay out of prison. Get a clue children. GET A CLUE!!!


"Didn't your parents teach you anything?" Try singular, in "parent." That is part of the problem.

union conservative

Common denominator is Monica Thompson in all these shootings. She antagonizes people then calls the police. While I do not condone gun violence I think spending more time behind bars would do some good in Thompson's case. She has been the victim to many times to be considered innocent or not bad enough to stay in jail.

Get real

the disorderly conduct is because of the threat to kill the other person... Minnesota has the charge of "terroristic threats" which sounds cooler but I think is essentially the same thing


The first paragraph says she was arrested for threatening to kill someone, but the listing of the charges at the end of the article doesnt bear that out.

Then out of jail in 24 hours on a signature bond. Laughing all the way home no doubt.

She would have received harsher treatment if she had kicked a cat.

Get real

but yes, it is suspicious that she is directly involved in all these incidents

Get real

"giving her a pass for being a snitch"???... believe me, she's not a snitch and she isn't getting any passes...

no name no slogan

I thought it was suspected she was involved in the other young man's death. Time to stop giving her passes for being a snitch.


"If y'all keep at like this, imma send y'all's a-- to where the f-- y'all homie at," I couldn't have said it better.

Robert Kitten

You ask what happened to La Crosse senior? Ethnic diversity happened and this is what you get.


@Robert Kitten...Racism at it's finest. I challenge you to look at the La Crosse County Jail Website and sift through all of the inmates. Tell me % of white vs. other races housed at 333 vine st. You only have a little over 200 inmates to check. I will do the same and let's see what we both come up with!!

The Observer

Demographic breakdown (by race) of city of La Crosse, 2015:
White alone ............... 45,795 (88.1%)
Asian alone ................. 2,739 (5.3%)
Black alone ..................1,190 (2.3%)
Hispanic ................,,,,,,,,1,066 (2.1%)
Two or more races ........ 821 (1.6%)
American Indian alone . 381 (0.7%)

So if you say there are more whites in jail than blacks, that's probably a fact; there are more whites in town than black.  You need to take your figures to a per-capita level. So now take your jailhouse website and your claim of 200 inmates — if there's more than five black (2/3% of 200), or eleven Asians (5.3% of 200), or four Hispanics (2.1% of 200), or just to make it easy, more than 24 non-whites currently housed in the Crossbar Hotel, then they are apparently criminals or suspects in criminal matters out of all proportion to their representation in the general population of the city.

Deadwood subscriber

@robertkitten, yeah, because whites never commit crimes.


What happened to La Crosse? It certainly was not like it is now, where is she from? Very disappointing.


why are there any laws..released on sig?wowza


mean dude


Send her punk arse to prison!!! Maybe she will learn proper English there!!!!

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