YMCA vandalism

Peyton Nett, a 19-year-old UW-La Crosse student, was charged Monday with burglarizing and vandalizing the Dahl Family YMCA in La Crosse.

The La Crosse man accused of drunkenly vandalizing the Dahl Family YMCA in La Crosse has been charged.

Peyton Nett, 19, appeared in La Crosse County Circuit Court on Monday, roughly a week after he turned himself in with the help of his mother.

Nett was charged with burglary and felony criminal damage to property. Together, the charges carry a maximum prison sentence of 16 years, and a maximum fine of $35,000.

Surveillance footage from the early morning hours of Oct. 11 shows Nett walking through the lobby of the YMCA, tearing computer monitors off a desk and throwing them. He also spilled paint all over the floor, walls, desks, TV screens and computer monitors in the Primetime Center, an area for older children to do crafts and play games.

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On the night of Oct. 11, Nett’s mother called the La Crosse Police Department and told them the vandal was her son. She handed the phone to Nett, a UW-L student, who arranged a time to turn himself in.

Nett has said he was black-out drunk and has no memory of entering the YMCA.

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(10) comments


He's most likely pleading guilty for differed prosecution and the courts will make him walk a fine line for a determined amount of time, because he's going to school and society is better off letting this kid get an education and scaring him straight then just tossing the book at him.


Lotza people get stupidly drunk without going on a vandalism rampage. Methinks drinking isn't his only problem.. he has serious anger issues.


Peyton, you have a problem. Nobody should ever get this drunk. You need to acknowledge that problem, decide that you want to control it and never pull something like this again, and then find the help you need to beat this problem. This isn't a one-time funny thing some college kid did when he was drunk. This was completely out of control. Regardless of how your case turns out in court, you need to get after this problem. Resolve to win. It's doable. Even if this was the first time you've ever done something this wacko, it's a sign that you have a drinking problem. Please acknowledge that, get after it and fix it. That's doable if you make up your mind that you're going to win.

Rick Czeczok

I agree but, we were at one time in our 20's and at that age no one was going to tell you what to do, or how to act. Unfortunately it's part of growing up and thank God, most handle it a whole lot better then this idiot.


Except, Comrade, in your case you were drinking Russian vodka and tearing up beet fields.


Too funny! Post of the week.

Jeremy F

Just slap him with a big fine to go to the YMCA. There's no sense in us paying $50k a year to house this loser in jail...

Rick Czeczok

Problem is, how will he pay for it, he's a collage kid.


Collage? He's put together from many pieces?

Rick Czeczok

"Blacked out drunk" HMMMM he looked up and about on the camera. Hope he has a better defense then that.

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