The man accused of shooting a La Crosse police officer this month has been discharged from the hospital and placed behind bars, with a significant cash bond.

Allen C. Kruk appeared in La Crosse County Circuit Court on Thursday with a cast on his arm and his mouth wired shut, four weeks after a shooting on the city’s South Side left him and the officer injured.

Judge Scott Horne granted the state’s request for a $50,000 cash bond, stipulating that Kruk, should he post bond, be held under house arrest and have no contact with the officer and several other people involved in the case.

Allen C. Kruk


Kruk’s defense attorney had asked Horne for a signature bond or a lower cash bond, arguing that his client did not previously have a history of violence.

“Frankly, I don’t view the bond request by the state as exorbitant by any means — an argument could be made for a higher bond,” Horne said. “I don’t know what the ultimate charges will be, but in reviewing the facts set forth in the probable cause statement, the charges are extremely serious … and violent in nature.”

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Kruk, 34, has not yet been charged. His next court date is Sept. 6.

At the time of the shooting, Kruk was considered a fugitive of justice because he had missed a July 25 court date for drug charges. Police engaged with Kruk on Aug. 3, after responding to a domestic disturbance at 317 S. Ninth St.

The La Crosse District Attorney’s Office earlier this week determined that the officer, Dustin Darling, acted in self-defense in shooting Kruk.

Darling, who joined the police department in 2013, has been on administrative leave since the incident.

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Did you read the article or just the headline? The DA asked for the $50,000 bond and Judge Horne stated it could have been higher? Remember, the purpose of bond is to insure the appearance of the defendant and protect witnesses.


Only $50,000?!? This scum shot at a police officer and hit him (only to be saved by a bullet proof vest), yet our awful La Crosse county judges only hold him on $50,000 when he should be charged with attempted murder. This is the reason why people in this town are frustrated, between Ramona giving criminals a ride home and Scott letting people who attempt murder free, no wonder La Crosse is becoming a dump and haven for criminals.


His lawyers wanted to have his bail lowered because he didn't have a previous history of violence. WHO THE HELL CARES! He was a few inches away form murdering a policeman. A few inches from making the lives of this officer's loved ones from becoming a living hell.

Buena Vista

You, nor anyone else, will ever know if he was "a few inches away from murdering a policeman." I'm pretty sure you weren't there to witness anything, so don't be so quick to speculate. All we have to go on is what's been reported in the news, and even our own President says the majority of that is fake. But more importantly, even though he is only a suspect, he's innocent until proven guilty.


Did you happen to watch the officer's body cam video where this Kruk person has a gun in his hand, shoots at the police officer and his bullet strikes the officer in the chest (bullet-proof vest)? "a few inches away from murdering a policeman.", I think, is accurate. But, technically, you're correct. He's innocent until proven guilty. [rolleyes]


Any time a person shoots at another person they are inches away from possibly killing them. This doesn't take a whole of common sense. Besides that, have you watched the body cam video? Yes, in the court of law a person is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, that I will not deny, however, in society that rule doesn't necessarily apply. This is especially true when the body cam footage has been seen by thousands of people. It seems as if you are defending the suspect and that is your choice just like it is everyone else's choice to have a different opinion. #bodycam #proofenoughforme #nosympathy #playstupidgameswinstupidprizes


"Kruk, 34, has not yet been charged."

I'm a little surprised by this. Why no charges yet I wonder?

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