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A La Crosse man recently sentenced to two years’ probation for his part in the alleged gang rape of two teenage girls in 2017 is back in jail on allegations that include battery, forcible robbery and criminal damage to property.

Ronald Crosby Jr.


Ronald Crosby Jr., 18, was arrested on those allegations, as well as operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent and criminal damage to property in the Nov. 20 incident, according to a police report.

Crosby punched and kicked a woman as he took her car without permission, the report said, although he denied doing so.

When a police officer asked Crosby how she might have gotten marks and bruises on her face, he told the officer she had a fight with her sister.

Crosby was driving the 19-year-old woman’s car, and, when they arrived at a motel where she was staying, he asked her for a ride home. She turned him down, so he drove off with the vehicle, according to the report.

A short while later, he happened upon the woman’s younger sister, who got into the car and turned it off. Crosby told police she began hitting him, accusing him of stealing the car. She then took the car, and he acknowledged damaging the vehicle by kicking it as she drove away.

Police were able to interview Crosby about the case because he already was in the La Crosse County Jail on a probation hold.

In a plea deal on the rape case, Crosby, who was 17 at the time of the alleged rapes in October of 2017, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree sexual assault, delivering heroin and resisting an officer, on Oct. 17 in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

That case involves an incident in which two girls allegedly were assaulted sexually over several days by as many as 11 males in a South Side La Crosse garage. Prosecutors originally charged Crosby with sexual assault of a child younger than 16 and first-degree sexual assault, both as party to the crime, and first-, second- and third-degree sexual assault.

The District Attorney’s Office agreed to the plea deal because officials believe Crosby had left the garage before the rapes occurred.

On Monday, Circuit Court Judge Scott Horne set $10,000 cash bail for Crosby, who is to appear in court Dec. 3 for a preliminary hearing.

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I had him in the December reoffend pool..seriously


So, probation for gang rape? Unreal. What in the world is wrong with the judges? Throw these creeps in prison and leave them there.


Where are the MeToo# advocates?


This clown has only one way of becoming productive, be made into fertilizer.


Probation? The non punishment? Why shouldn’t he commit more crimes, PROBATION IS NOT PUNISHMENT. It’s telling how the Trib libs back criminals like this by their silence. In a liberals mind “it’s not his fault” parents, society, racism, schools, everyone’s fault but his. Just like Odummy releasing over a thousand criminals without ANY regard to their victims, past and future.


Even the “libs” think he’s a meat head. I’d hold off the pardon lines for a bit. Drumpf has done his fair share.


Troll Grade C-


Wrong headline, it should read "local judges burned yet again as parolee violently victimizes another women".

Worthy of note that the judge chose to believe the criminal over the victim in the earlier incident.


When are you going to start calling what these disgusting people did "RAPE" instead of "ALLEGED RAPE"?


Not defending this creep, but explaining that newspapers and other media outlets typically use the term "alleged" until the crime has been proved in court.

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