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A father who threatened his wife, his daughter and her classmates at Sparta High School’s graduation ceremony faces up to four years in prison.

Benjamin Sidie


Benjamin Sidie, 42, now of Arkdale, Wis., is charged in Monroe County Circuit Court with making terrorist threats and disorderly conduct, both as a repeat offender.

Sidie’s wife, who filed for divorce on April 23, told police that Sidie sent her hundreds of text messages, threatening “I will be watching, hiding,” “I’m coming for you, guns blazing,” and “coming up there, killing them all,” according to the complaint. He also called and threatened to kill their daughter, a graduate of the high school, the complaint stated.

He also stated by text that he was “smart enough to pull this off” and that he would be hiding in the woods during the school’s graduation ceremony, according to the complaint.

The May 25 ceremony, which was expected to draw about 2,000 people, was canceled the day of the event and rescheduled.

Police in Dubuque, Iowa, arrested Sidie on May 28. A judge set a $2,500 signature bond but he is jailed on a probation hold.

Sidie, whose threats forced the cancellation of Sparta High’s graduation ceremony, is free on a $2,500 signature bond. He may not contact his wife or daughter.

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(8) comments


Hair cut alone says he has problems.


Ramona has relatives in the judiciary everywhere. The only redeeming value this clown has is to be made into fertilizer.


Wow! Whatever happened to ZERO TOLERANCE? A grown a $$ man can threaten to kill kids in a school and walks out of jail with a signature bond?! Facing 4 short years?? And now if that crazy -bleep- blames his wife for turning him in, can you IMAGINE what he is capable of now? Being a repeat offender should have SOME impact on how easily he walks away from something this serious as well. Clearly he has issues and they are now threatening the community, not just his wife behind closed doors. Brilliant idea to slap his hand and send him on his way. Brilliant....


This loon who ruined Sparta's HS graduation for hundreds of people with death threats is out on bond??? SMDH. Unbelievable.


Totally agree with elocs. Two years will just make him angrier over his divorce & family & will probably try again but not send his ex his text message of what he plans.


Four years? He should be executed.


Oh boy. Four whole years? Imagine he had followed through and lives were lost... life in prison wouldn't be long enough. But, just because he didn't follow through, he only gets 4 years? Yet ill people continue to be arrested, sent to jail, what have you -- because of their medicinal marijuana possession. This system is really screwed up.


He will cop a plea and we will all be shocked to learn he will actually serve 2 years or less.

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