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Authorities cited two men accused of running an illegal deer-hunting operation in Trempealeau County.

Travis Brush, who owns Brush Ranch Outfitters in Galesville, and employee Randall Hoff lured wild deer into a fenced captive deer farm to harvest trophy bucks, according to the state Department of Natural Resources.

The men altered the fence to allow wild deer to enter the ranch, where people could hunt and harvest deer year-round. They also used illegal bait and allowed hunts during closed seasons.

The DNR and state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection launched an investigation after complaints from the public.

“In this instance, we found that the actions of Brush Ranch Outfitters created a situation where captive deer and wild white-tailed deer commingled to create a potential disease risk that, if we had not stopped it, could have had a negative impact on the deer population in this part of Wisconsin,” said Paul McGraw, Wisconsin State veterinarian with the DATCP Division of Animal Health.

Brush, 48, of Holmen was issued 34 citations and two misdemeanors for unauthorized use of taking a deer from the wild in Trempealeau County Circuit Court. Hoff, 61, of Galesville was issued 14 citations.

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What happened in this case. The Brushes have been doing this for many years as a family, Why has nothing been done with them, they need to lose their farm and priviledge to hunt, guns removed!!!!!

Bill Baker

To the Brush family, FINALLY! The great white hunters. Now what has been know for years is finally in the process of being know to all hunters near and far. They are a shame and a bad joke to to hunting and all real hunters. All the other hunters I've talked to this morning, every one of them has known about this for years and says it's about time something has finally been done! Now hopefully they can hold their feet to the fire and not just take their money and let them do business as usual. Taking away licenses or removing rights and or privileges would only be a good start. Hitting an animal over the head when it walks out of it's cage is not hunting Travis. And to Jim, nice job letting Travis and Randy take the fall for your hunting sins.


I agree, Jim has been skirting the law for years - why does it take so long for law enforcement to take action on these complaints? But then of course his 'clients' have always been rich folks that have lobbyists and politicians to pave the way for their crooked operation. Really taints legitimate game farms and hunters alike.


That was a number of years ago now there was a newspaper article about Travis poaching big game out in Wyoming. Then he chopped off there heads and was going to bring them back to decorate the so called museum they have up there at the Brush ranch Galesville. But he never made it out of Wyoming and got pulled over with them in his vehicle. I think the current president of Empire was with him at the time?

james know better

As I was saying ...he and his Dad, Brush senior, knew these charges were coming down and decided to cozy up to Walker in an effort to get them dropped. Didn't work. Nice try though...

james know better

Democrats have been claiming for years the Walker runs DNR and controls all enforcement actions. If that's true he would have known AND approved of the investigation and charges filed against Travis Brush and he would never have appeared at the Brush family business. You can't have it both ways Democrats. Brush is getting what he deserves and I have no doubt that he is cozying up to Walker to


That would seem to be the case Cassandra as the Brush's own Empire Screen Printing and Scott Walker just spoke there Monday. He is chummy with the Brush family.


I would strongly suspect that the real owner of the ranch James Brush whom also owns Empire Screen Printing (the father of Travis) is using Empire Screen Printing money to fund this illegal operation. It may be plausible?


Walker and company want to do away with rules, especially those aimed at protecting our natural resources.

LoonEagle Lady

Canman, if so-called ethical hunters knew about this man's illegal activites, then they were not ETHICAL! Period, end-of-story. Everyone who knew about this a-hole's actictivities be banned from hunting for a minimum of one year. The culprits should be banned from owning, possessing firearms & be banned from hunting for life!


Authorities were told of this situation many years ago by several people, no action was taken because of Brush money!


I think what Canman meant is that the ethical hunters have been complaining about them for years and DNR is just getting around to it. What other recourse could they do but file complaints and hope DNR does the right thing.


Kinda like stealing Christmas decorations from somebody's front lawn and displaying them. There is a mental or moral defect in people who do pretend hunting where the cards are stacked in their favor.


This makes me SICK!!! When it comes to animals and what people think of to do to them is so disgusting and revolting. These little men who deer hunt for that Trophy, have an ego problem and more. It is a sickness!!! Do you realize you are sick??? So you don't have them tested for the disease that is all over in Wisconsin, if you did the Brush family would have been caught years ago. It is about time DNR!!!! Shame on you for letting this go on, were you on the take too??? Replace these people Wisconsin and get people who care about the animals and would not allow this kind of thing to happen.


Why did it take this long to finally go after Brush? They should also look at what his old man did to set this up. Was there tax dollars involved? The ethical hunters have known about this so called game farm for years. The Brush connections and money has protected this scam set up for years.

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