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A La Crosse man acquitted in a fatal stabbing at Kwik Trip in 2013 was arrested late Friday after instigating a fight at a La Crosse Kwik Trip.

Mitrel Anderson


Mitrel Anderson, 29, told La Crosse police that a man known as “Authentic” approached him in the parking lot of the gas station at 71 Copeland Ave. about 11:30 p.m. and punched him in the mouth, according to police reports. He rated his pain a 30 on a one to 10 scale, taking into account his emotional pain.

Anderson said the man ducked when he swung back, and then strangled Anderson before Anderson fled in a car driven by girlfriend, 27-year-old Brittany Jones, reports stated. Officers stopped the car minutes later on Second Street.

Anderson encouraged police to review surveillance video, which showed Anderson throwing the first punch. Jones was struck by the unidentified male when she intervened.

When confronted with the video evidence, Anderson told police he was “protecting himself from what he knew was coming,” according to reports.

Anderson and Jones said “Authentic” is related to DeMario Lee, who Anderson stabbed to death on June 2, 2013, inside the men’s restroom at the Cass Street Kwik Trip.

A La Crosse County jury in December 2014 acquitted Anderson of homicide after finding he stabbed Lee in self-defense after a confrontation. He fled after the killing with Jones, who served one year in prison for aiding a felon.

Anderson testified that Lee ambushed, beat and threatened to kill him before Anderson drew his knife and swung at Lee’s head; prosecutors argued that Lee, 24, of Illinois was stabbed as he was leaving the restroom and that Anderson wasn’t justified in using deadly force.

After his acquittal, Anderson accumulated eight criminal cases before a federal grand jury indicted him Sept. 13 for possessing and intending to sell 84 grams of methamphetamine in Trempealeau County in 2016, according to federal court records. He pleaded not guilty to two charges and released from custody on Oct. 6 with conditions.

Anderson, of 403 Jackson St., faces a disorderly conduct charge in his most recent arrest. He was jailed and released to U.S. Marshals. Jones, who lives at the same address, was arrested on a municipal warrant and for driving after revocation.


Police and courts reporter

Anne Jungen covers law enforcement and the criminal justice system in La Crosse County. She joined the Tribune reporting staff in December 2005. You can contact her directly at or 608-791-8224.

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Put him in Federal prison,,,,,that's were he belongs!!


Put a bullet between his eyes and call it a day!!! Quit coddling him Ramona!!! Time we all wake up and reinstate the death penalty..


Such a fine upstanding citizen, let's just give him another chance.........


Time to rid the city of these drug dealing gangsters once and for good!


Wrong again Buggs. I'm a Liberal. And this liberals reaction is they should have got him the first time for second degree murder. This liberal knows the reason you go in the bathroom is so you aren't on camara when you commit your crime. I know that piece of garbage was guilty. He wasn't crying because he was scared and acted in self defense. He stoked up those tears as an actor and all he had to do to cry was think about how much he didn't want to go to prison. Easy. And the jury bought it! I would have hung the sucker if it were my choice. So don't sterotype "all" liberals.

Buggs Raplin

I offer my apology. Should have said 'many liberals.'


Well said. Can't believe Mitrel is out and about.


Unbelievable that this guy wasn't convicted of a serious crime the first time he started a fight and killed someone. Now, he is doing it again. Time to get rid of the piece of com post! Life imprisonment or just shoot him - bullets are cheap. As a matter of fact I'll donate the cost of the bullet and offer my services.


Buggs reaction: hang him up by a noose.

Buggs Raplin

Liberal reaction: If we could just Mitrel into Drug Court, he wouldn't be doing these things. All this young man needs is treatment.


May I suggest...that if we the good taxpayers of La Crosse County are not able to convict and confine this guy...that we at least pool our funds and buy him a house in another state so he can find justice someplace else?


This scum is not fit to waste oxygen. A dirt nap is long overdue but because of the idiot judges and laws, he is protected.

The Mouse of Death

[angry]I am indeed bemezzled by Judge Ramona's most illustrious courtroom graduate, Mr. Mitrel. It would behoove us to deny Mr. Mitrel milk and cookies for the rest of the day.


Why is he out of jail if he was indicted on federal charges? I am confused.


I think he should run for mayor! He's so well known! Such a giver to the people!
Quit being such a moron! Come on buddy!

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