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An Onalaska man was charged Thursday with false imprisonment after his girlfriend reported he held her hostage during the weekend, beat her and threatened to kill her children.

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Rory L. Deer Jr., 38, also was charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, a repeat offender.

According to the complaint, a victim reported Monday that Deer, who she was dating and living with for the past two months, held her hostage and beat her throughout the weekend. Deer woke up the victim every hour or so to beat her, according to the complaint.

The victim’s children did not witness their mother being abused, police said.

The victim told police Deer was controlling, a heavy drinker, smokes methamphetamine and is paranoid, according to the complaint.

The report also indicated that Deer set up cameras all over the residence, acts erratically and is delusional.

The victim couldn’t escape until Monday when she took her child to school because Deer wouldn’t even permit her to go to the bathroom alone, according to the complaint.

He thought there were men in the bathroom who wanted to have sex with her, according to the police report. In the past, Deer had also accompanied her every time she needed to leave the house out of fear that she may “shoot drugs or cheat on him,” she reported.

The victim also stated that Deer slashed her mattress because he thought someone was hiding in there and had threatened her with a knife before this incident, according to reports.

The victim realized the urgency to report Deer when he threatened to drown her children in the toilet or bathtub during this weekend’s incident, although it wasn’t the first time he threatened to kill her and her children, according to the criminal complaint.

The Onalaska Police Department took photos of the victim, who had bruises on several parts of her body, a black eye and red gashes on her face, according to the complaint.

Prosecutors showed La Crosse County Circuit Court Judge Elliott Levine the photos during Deer’s initial hearing Thursday.

Deer was already in jail for shattering the glass door of a Kwik Trip and charged Wednesday with attempting to flee or elude an officer, criminal damage to property and operating a vehicle while revoked.

Deer had a $1,000 cash bond and, according to prosecutors, continued contacting the victim multiple times while in custody.

Deer wanted a signature bond but Levine increased the bond to $5,000 with a no-contact condition with the victim and the victim’s children.

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