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I am sure the judge will not put him in prison citing the pandemic. But his criminal behavior caused a young girl to endure horrific injuries and spend time in a hospital during a pandemic. Let's go with victim's rights in this one, shall we?


People who choose to drink and then drive drunk should not be given multiple opportunities to hit, hurt, or kill people.

Prisons should be places where those who commit serious crimes are separated from society for the protection of society. Drunk driving should be 3 strikes and you're out, go straight to prison for years.

But hard drinking Wisconsin with its tough Tavern League lobby treats drunk driving with a nod and a wink. But drunk drivers are a menace to innocent people and there should be no reason for those convicted of their 3rd, 4th, 5th or more DUI offenses should be free. Put them in prison, separate them from society for the protection of all of us.


What does it take to keep criminals in jail ???

Barcelona Bob

What a joke, 10K signature bond. It sounds like he purposely tried to run her over...


I agree that some charges related to the potentially deadly assault on the bicycle rider should be in this mix. I'm tired of bike riders getting about the same consideration as squirrels when a car is involved. In addition, no more driver's license for you.


Drunken driving? He should be charged with attempted man slaughter, and for being ugly with those tats on his neck.

Barcelona Bob


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