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Aric A. Elmore was arrested for delivering heroin on Tuesday — less than two months after La Crosse’s police chief publicly scolded a county judge for letting the criminal go free.

Aric Elmore


Elmore, 43, will face three charges of manufacturing and delivering heroin when he appears in La Crosse County Circuit Court in the coming days, according to the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department.

A criminal complaint has not yet been filed, and no other details have been released.

Elmore, of La Crosse, was the subject of a column by Police Chief Ron Tischer, published in the Sept. 23 Tribune. In it, Tischer called Elmore a threat to public safety and criticized Judge Elliott Levine for sentencing him to probation instead of prison time. Elmore’s record of violence and drug dealing, according to Tischer, shows that he cannot be trusted.

“Past practice predicts future behavior,” he wrote in September. “Officers will arrest him again. Hopefully this time, no officer is injured, no one dies of an overdose from the drugs he deals, and the public’s safety is not jeopardized while he’s in the community.

“Judge, I want to understand how this sentence protects the public,” Tischer continued. “Contrary to your belief, residents are relieved when drug dealers and gun-toting felons are locked up. Parents can allow their children to play outside, without worrying whether they will witness police chasing criminals, shootings or worse.”

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Another upstanding citizen brought into our community by Steve Eide. It's time the City figure out a way to start charging slumlords as accessories to drug crimes. They are taking drug money and profiting alongside the drug dealers in exchange for providing a place of business for dealers to operate out of. How is that not a party to the crime?


Rob Abraham has been saying it for awhile. Another example of him being right!!!!


This article is not about Elmore; it is about judges that cannot accept reality and refuse to protect the public.

The chief of police is correct.


But Redwall, look at Jobaba's comments below. Judges are always correct and the police are always wrong! It's that social justice attitude that continues this problem.


Of course I said no such thing.. You resort to word twisting because you have no argument. In this case Tischer is wrong. Police frustration is no reason to change our constitution.


It's his occupation. What the heck did the judge think he was going to do>get a job 10 buck job at Walmart w/his record? It's what he does, what he knows and he makes large amount of money doing it or any ethical thoughts about who he ends up addicting. He doesn't care.


“Past practice predicts future behavior,” Straight from the horses mouth. Past action was dealing and very little violence. And he is locked up again, just as predicted. What is the problem? The fact that the judge has a job and the police have a job? The police need to stay in their lane...and it is NOT the courts.


The problem is absolutely the courts.

YOU try being a police officer and having to arrest these criminals over and over again, only to see bleeding-heart nincompoop judges put them back on the street. YOU try doing that for a living.


No, I have no need to do that job. But that is their job, so do it and shut up. Stop trying to rig our constitutional legal system to make your job easier. The Chief said it, he predicted it and it happened. What's the problem? Oh, what could have happened? Well the fear factor can make otherwise normal people do very stupid give up their rights.


This guy was ARMED when they caught him last time. I hope you aren't nearby when his next drug deal goes bad.


But again, per the Chief - past action predicts future action.


[To the melody of "Maria" from West Side Story]

I was sure that the judge was Ramona!!


Oh for pete's sake. Get over your love affair. She's out of your league.


[ohmy] wow...I am shocked. This guy clearly has no urge to change his life. Judge, get a clue.

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