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A 17-year-old stole a handgun and used the weapon during an attempted robbery Saturday night before he was accidentally shot by a juvenile, according to La Crosse police.

A man sitting in his car parked outside Vick’s Bar, 3749 Mormon Coulee Road, said a male approached the window with a bandana covering his face and demanded money at gunpoint about 9:25 p.m., according to the complaint filed in La Crosse County Circuit Court. The victim chased the subject before returning to the bar and calling police.

A handgun was reported stolen from a car parked nearby.

Police identified the suspect as Mackey Drake, who fled after the robbery to 3072 S. 23rd St., where a juvenile who thought the gun was fake shot him in the shoulder, the complaint stated. The juvenile also told investigators she witnessed Drake try to rob the driver.

Officers found Drake, who does not have a permanent address, about 11:30 p.m. at Subway, 3810 Mormon Coulee Road. He said he found the gun and brought it to 3072 S. 23rd St.

Drake admitted that he was involved in the robbery, but told investigators he used his cellphone to look like a firearm, according to the complaint.

Prosecutors charged Drake, who is on juvenile supervision, with attempted armed robbery with use of force and theft. He is jailed on a $10,000 cash bond.

Police investigated 18 guns calls so far this year, compared to seven calls Jan. 1 to Nov. 13, 2010.


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Too bad this punk didn’t try to rob a concealed carry permit holder. A lot of tax dollars and frustration by the police from Ramona releasing him would have been saved. No matter what the do gooders say this clown can’t be rehabilitated.


Residents of La Crosse ought to be confident they can say "by, by" to this felon.

Unfortunately, the future refrain will be "what, you again?"

Arrest, bail, bail jumping, and repeat, and repeat...


that kid is part of the family whose mama moved her and her 5 kids here from chicago lied about being in a dv situation cause problems at the shelter her kids trashed the place threatened to shoot up shelter where always running away and harassing other people and staff at the shelters can't tell you how many times cops where there for her family but if anyone complained even if they were a la crosse resident they got kicked out sad part i was one of only 3 local actual la crosse residents seeking shelter who was actual staying there all the rest were from out of state mainly that is where the money and things local residents donate goes i chose to complaint and get kicked out and i filed several complaints against the shelter clearly all to no avail as its been at least 5 months since my last complaint was filed

Mr Wizard

Dancer, I can't believe you got all that info into one sentence. Maybe, if you would have paid a little more attention in school, you wouldn't be living with those folks at the shelter.


actually it was the women's shelter because my abuser found me yet again and i had to move yet again before he informed my parents of where i lived i had enough of my parents abuse as a child which was why i spent from pre teen to age out in foster care along with my brothers and sorry but i feel no need to discuss my schooling or where in college i am at with you

Mr Wizard



The criminals have the system figured out: DO WHAT YOU WANT, there are no consequences


I go for next week. They set a high bond for the first week to "scare" the guy. Then the second week after they have seen what they have done wrong, they then sound all repentant and get out on a signature. high fives and smiles all the way around--what a joke

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