Shooting on Cass and ninth

First responders rush an unidentified shooting victim into an ambulance Saturday afternoon near the intersection of Ninth and Cass streets.

A La Crosse police officer was shot Saturday afternoon but was saved by his bulletproof vest during a disturbance near Ninth and Cass streets.

The suspect in the shooting, who has a history of recent drug arrests, also was shot and is being treated at a local hospital.

Police were called to an apparent domestic disturbance at 317 S. Ninth St. at 3:15 p.m. The residence belongs to the ex-wife of the suspect, identified as Allen C. Kruk, 34, no permanent address.

Ninth Street shooting

Officers surround a house at 317 S. Ninth St. after an officer and suspect were shot there Saturday afternoon.

One of the arriving officers encountered Kruk at the rear of the home. When Kruk pulled out a handgun the officer took out his sidearm and the two exchanged gunfire, according to a press release from the La Crosse Police Department. The officer was struck by one round in the chest area but was protected by his bulletproof vest. The suspect was struck multiple times by the officer’s return fire. 

The officer was released after treatment at a local hospital, according to La Crosse Police Capt. Jason Melby. The officer’s name had not yet been released.

Allen Kruk


Kruk has a record of recent arrests, including July 11 felony charges of possession of methamphetamine and felony bail jumping, for which he was released on a $2,000 signature bond with compliance of drug testing, and June 28 felony charges of possession of methamphetamine, illegally obtained prescriptions and drug paraphernalia, for which he was given a $500 signature bond with compliance of drug testing.

On July 25, a bench warrant in the amount of $2,500 was issued for Kruk after his failure to appear for a preliminary hearing.

The incident occurred in the rear of a two-story blue duplex. Out front sits a sign honoring a Super Reader who resides there.

Officers cordoned off most of the block to investigate and went door to door asking neighbors whether they had seen or heard anything that would aid the investigation.

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The state Division of Criminal Investigation will take over the investigation because an officer was involved in a shooting. The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department was assisting Saturday.

Interim Police Chief Rob Abraham and La Crosse County Sheriff Jeff Wolf were among the 20 or so law enforcement officers outside the house.

Herold Lochner, who lives a half block away from the shooting, said he heard gunshots and walked outside to see a person, the suspect, wheeled away on a stretcher. Lochner identified the suspect as a white male.

“They took him away in the ambulance,” Lochner said. “He was screaming.”

Police officers respond to shooting

Police officers respond to a shooting Saturday on Ninth Street in La Crosse. An officer and a suspect were shot. The officer, who was wearing a bullet-resistant vest, was treated and released from the hospital.

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(25) comments


If someone who is charged with felony bail jumping can get bail, then the entire system is broken. That's crazy. Violent or not, charged with bail jumping and then giving a suspect bail again defies all common sense. Guess they don't teach that in law school.


If you looked on CCAP, you would see that none of his previous were violent crimes or crimes against a person. Therefore, bail is appropriate under the Wisconsin Constitution and the Wisconsin Statutes. It seems that some of you want defendants to remain in jail no matter the crime and without an evaluation of the evidence. Not only will that NOT make the community safer but, your taxes will rise exponentially!


But he did just commit attempted murder right?.he did go to his ex"s residence with a gun right? She did call for police help right?

The judicial system when a party is convicted of a crime is too punish..protect.. and rehabilitate. None of those worked here did they? Hell he was charged and ducked the system... because the system is weak and thats the flaw


Rehabilitate? Good luck with that. Since you believe the system is weak your response is to just complain about it here? That sounds just like Abraham. Follow the law and try to change things if you think you can. You aren't going to do it by bullying your way through to Justice. You, Abraham and Trump may think that way but that's not the way the laws do work. That's not how you fix "flaws" in anything.


Hats off to the local police and thankfully the officer was wearing a bullet proof vest. Most of the commentators on this site would have soiled their diapers dealing with this situation.


Don't worry, all those conceal carry people are ready to defend us all... They've watched too many movies.


Dumb comment..as if a cc citizen was on that call.

Rick Czeczok

This guys mug shot has been in the paper so many times Why was he on the streets, and why did he have a gun? Why were the bails so low when he was a repeat offender? The more times he was charged, the less the bail, that makes absolutely no sense.


According to Scott Horne, your questions and comments are inappropriate and unprofessional.

Otis Berg

The difference between our liberal judges catch and release policy and a local law enforcement officer getting killed is just a matter of time.


Anyone getting killed is just a matter of time.


Go back to your video games.


A HISTORY of drug arrests. Liberals want to do away with drug arrests, “druggies don’t hurt anyone” they say. Obama released over a thousand of these types into the innocent victim population. Liberals, ITS WHATS WRONG WITH AMERICA!


Nice try troll. A pathetic effort at best though. Buggs Raplin wanted to legalize drugs. Buggs Raplin isn't a liberal... What's wrong with America is that people like you and many others have forgotten who the real enemy is.

Buena Vista

'An' abolishment of the Second Amendment is what is needed..... (is what it's supposed to say.)

let it go

So how would you confiscate guns from someone who does not have a permanent address? This would be as effective as taking away the license of people. They continue to drive and think nothing about what their doing. So it is not the vehicle or gun, but the person using that vehicle or gun.


You couldn't me more wrong...


Your are way way off..it really is as simple as the old saying..when you outlaw guns..only the outlaws will have guns.

Buena Vista

The real problem is NOT that people choose not to follow the law. The real problem is how firearms end up in the hands of the wrong individuals. - And abolishment of the Second Amendment is what is needed, and complete confiscation of guns. Our current president can make that happen. Have faith....


As long as he sincerely promises to behave himself and to appear for his court date, a signature bond will suffice.


Which frequent flyer will this be? I got ramona in the office pool.


Oh for pete's sake. get a life.


You must work with our Police Chief in waiting. All ready to take on the Judges again are ya?


Sorry you are blind to an obvious problem..oh and i lost the pool..it was horne


Well, maybe ask Abraham next time. He would tell you.

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