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The Bullet Cab building is in the 2000 block of State Road. The graffiti on the door was digitally altered in this photo to obscure spray-painted racial slur.

La Crosse Police said Monday they are investigating a recent case of racist graffiti as a hate crime.

“This incident is not a reflection of our community, but rather a reflection of a hate-filled person,” Chief Ron Tischer said.

Police are searching for suspects after the spray-painted racial slur, “Sand [N-word] Mike,” found on a Muslim-owned local business, Bullet Cab, on Wednesday. The racial slur was washed off the same day.

This comes after the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called on law enforcement authorities to investigate the racist slur spray-painted on a local business Friday.

Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, called it a “hate vandalism targeting a Muslim business in La Crosse, Wis.,” the council said.

“We call on political and religious leaders in Wisconsin to denounce this hateful act targeting a Muslim business owner and urge state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate it as a possible hate crime,” said CAIR-MN Executive Director Jaylani Hussein.

The advocacy group said it “has witnessed an unprecedented spike in bigotry targeting American Muslims and members of other minority groups since the election of Donald Trump as president,” Hussein said.

Bullet Cab owner Mian “Mike” Ahmad and his family received support from fellow La Crosse residents.

“Me and my family are very grateful to the community of La Crosse for their help and support. Let’s all of us stand against crime,” Ahmad said.

La Crosse police intend to pursue “enhanced penalties for hate crimes as allowed under Wisconsin law and refer the case to the La Crosse County District Attorney’s office for prosecution,” authorities said.

“The La Crosse Police Department will not tolerate hate crimes, racism or any other cowardly act meant to alienate a member of our community. We are a diverse city with a history of acceptance. We will not allow that to change.”

During the initial on-site investigation, police could not find any surveillance cameras on neighboring houses or business, according to the criminal complaint.

La Crosse police urge the community to help. Tips can be made anonymously and there may be a cash reward.

The police department provided contact information for anonymous tips: 608-784-TIPS (8477) or online at

There is also a phone app, the Crime Stoppers App “P3,” if people would like to submit a tip on their phone.

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(13) comments


This would have never happened if Chip Demanure was mayor.


Sounds like dmooney and climaxhorx and ed wall are above and beyond apoplectic.
They know the truth, but due to lack of B-Vitamins, don"t know what do.!
Ya think?


Last post to your trolling. You are a waste of time.


Is it a hate crime for Muslims to call for the death of the infidels? Or does that talk get a pass?


Meanwhile, Minnesota Dem Rep Ilhan Omar apologized today for her hateful anti-semitic remarks.


Lest the Tribune get too self righteous, note Omar is a member of MN-CAIR referenced in the article.


How are people surprised that this happened across the street from the gas station that sells the “brown bag special” and probably much more than that... this neighborhood is one of the cleanest areas in town full of hardworking taxpayers and yet the police just turn a blind eye


Most all the Hate , currently flexed, in the United States of America, comes from and was cultivated by a certain Donald J. Trump and the Trump Crime Family.:,Miller,Kushner Bannon.,Bolton....
The vandal in LaCrosse was a bonafide Trump-Humpin" Supporter, make no mistake.
Not and never, to be stereotypical, the fact remains., they all seem to talk alike, think alike and act alike.
Is Hate skyrocketing since the Trump.? You better believe it.
Immediately, they will tell you "bout the economy and how bigly the wall...(all in all).,
and that makes everything cool.


Back to jibberish. You did so good on that one comment. How disappointing.


Appears to be a software problem; Johnny better re-boot.

Tommy Duncan

Thank you, Johnny, for your thoughtful analysis and insights. Without your comments I would have thought this crime was the simple act of a common racist. Because of your comments now I know the real facts: That Trump has evil people in La Crosse doing his bidding. Thanks for the head's up.


The Chief said it perfectly, it's the result of one hateful person. Not community related. Not politically related. There were hateful people before Trump, there will be hateful people after. I hope they find the a hole who did this.


I agree...

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