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A La Crosse woman hoping to unseat U.S. Rep. Ron Kind was charged Tuesday in La Crosse County as a fugitive.

Juliet Germanotta


Juliet Germanotta, 36, agreed to waive extradition to New York, where she faces a grand larceny charge. The New York City Police Department sought her arrest on Monday and obtained a warrant from a New York judge.

Germanotta bought a $4,800 ring from a New York jewelry store on Sept. 19 and then returned a fraudulent ring, according to New York City police.

Germanotta announced her candidacy as a Democrat in November and vowed to focus on advocating rights for LGBTQ people and health care for people with pre-existing conditions.

She said her felony conviction in California would be expunged.

From Tribune files: Top crime stories of 2018

Here's a look back at the top crimes stories of the year, as reported in the La Crosse Tribune.

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(13) comments


She's better looking than Ron.


She'll make a fine politician.


Guess many of you clods didn't read the Nehlen story. Now that is a true Republican.

A Veteran

tower the LIAR---Tell the whole story,he is not welcome in the republican party his dues money has been refunded or given to charity.With your constant lying you belong in the democrap party,you could probably be one of the leaders.

A Veteran

Just the typical liberal LOON DEMOCRAT!!!!!!

El Duderino

I definitely don’t recall seeing that little detail when I first read the article, oz.

Could it be that four commenters are blind? Perhaps. Or maybe a little revision was made after seeing the critical comments.

LaCrosse Lady

Interesting - without multiple examples how would they prove ring wasn’t switched by someone looking at the ring in the store before she bought it?

El Duderino

NY can have her...

I’m sure the guests at Rikers Island and Sing Sing would enjoy hearing about her LGBTQ XYZBS views.


I see the Fibune neglected to mention the felon is challenging Kind as a Democrat. Typical Fibune.


You must've flunked reading: "Germanotta announced her candidacy as a Democrat in November..."

Buggs Raplin

I see the Tribune took down the story on Ron Kind and single-payer, which was drawing many comments. Typical Tribune.


No they didn't:

Buggs Raplin

They took it down; it wasn't on the screen; it may be in ether somewhere, but it wasn't on the screen; I consider that taking it down

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