A police pursuit ended in a La Crosse man attempting to commit suicide Wednesday evening in the 2000 block of Losey Boulevard.

The man was charged Friday with first-degree recklessly endangering safety and attempting to flee or elude an officer.

A witness reported the 30-year-old attempting to commit suicide in his soon-to-be ex-wife’s driveway by stuffing a towel in the car exhaust while the vehicle was running, according to the criminal complaint.

The man was unresponsive in his locked vehicle, so the witness broke the window with a hammer, waking him up. The man told the witness, “Just leave me alone.”

Another witness told police the man was suicidal because his divorce was final, according to the complaint.

The man sped out of the driveway while police were gathering witness statements, driving at about 80 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone, according to the criminal complaint. A vehicle pursuit ensued during which the man attempted to strike a police squad car in an effort to commit suicide.

According to the complaint, police ended the pursuit to avoid a deadly accident.

The man went back to Losey Boulevard, where police were collecting information from witnesses, left the car and repeatedly said, “Just do it!” while holding a knife, according to the complaint. Officers disarmed and arrested him.

According to the complaint, the man didn’t crash into the squad because he has a family friend who works as an officer in La Crosse Police Department and didn’t want that friend to be forced to harm or kill him.

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why has his name and photo not been released to the public?


why has his name and photo not been released?

Tommy Duncan

Very few people understand how difficult police work is. Police officers deal every day with citizens who are "having a bad day". As a result the officers are taunted, spit at, kicked, punched and shot at. They listen to trash talk and abuse and are expected to act professionally. Even more, they are expected to execute their jobs flawlessly in tough situations where lives are at stake. I commend them for the successful handling of this situation and thank them for the thousands of situations they deal with that don't make the newspapers.

Rick Czeczok

Very dangerous situation, handled professionally by the police. Great job getting that resolved and no one was injured.

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