A man who provided drugs to a girl connected with a 2017 gang rape was sentenced Thursday to two years’ probation as part of a plea deal stemming from a 2018 incident where he punched and kicked a woman and her car.

Ronald Crosby Jr., 19, Fitchburg, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct, all as a repeat offender, in front of La Crosse County Circuit Court Judge Gloria Doyle. A charge of armed robbery was dismissed and read in.

Doyle sentenced Crosby to probation after a joint recommendation from La Crosse County District Attorney Tim Gruenke and defense attorney Michael Hughes.

Ronald Crosby Jr.

Ronald Crosby Jr.

Tim Gruenke


Gruenke said the 135 days Crosby already served in the La Crosse County Jail were not sufficient, saying he had needs that would be met through probation. The district attorney pointed to Crosby’s previous conviction of fourth-degree sexual assault and delivery of heroin and two incidents he was involved in as a juvenile that included sexual assault.

“He’s gotten a few warning shots already in terms of how you treat women and what happens when you do things without their consent,” Gruenke said.

Crosby, who was 17 at the time, pleaded guilty last year to charges stemming from giving a teenage girl heroin. The 16-year-old girl told authorities that Crosby forced her to perform oral sex on Oct. 31, 2017.

“By supplying her the drugs and leaving her there doesn’t necessarily mean he sexually assaulted her, but he certainly didn’t help the situation or consider her wishes or her needs at all,” Gruenke said.

In this case, Crosby attacked a woman, leaving her with two black eyes, after she refused to let him use her vehicle.

“I fear if we don’t do something now, he might get in another relationship and something similar may happen,” he said.

Gruenke recommended Crosby receive counseling.

Crosby’s attorney agreed that counseling and probation were appropriate; however, disagreed on whether the vehicle was taken without the woman’s permission.

In an April 4 hearing, Crosby was ready to acknowledge his responsibility for the battery and damage to property; however, Crosby and the woman where sharing the car, Hughes said.

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“Ordinarily that really wouldn’t be important, but that’s important in this moment because our view of this case as expressed as far back as April is now validated. Mr. Crosby did not commit a robbery, but he did engage in acts of criminality which he was willing to admit to and which he was taking responsibility for today,” Hughes said.

Hughes added that it was important to note that Crosby acknowledged his wrongdoing, and it was also important to take Crosby’s mental health into account.

His previous probation sentence was meant to give him the tools to address his mental health, Hughes said, but his mental health concerns weren’t taken into account despite his diagnoses.

“It’s not us doing the same thing that just recently failed,” Hughes said.

Gloria Doyle


Doyle placed Crosby on probation and ordered him to have a mental health assessment and follow through on that assessment’s recommendations.

“It is true, having seen the pictures, that that is no way to treat anyone, man or woman. It is true that you have taken responsibility for the misdemeanor crimes that you pled to today for quite a number of months. It is also true that when you were last placed on probation by myself that you didn’t spend very long on probation before these charges came up,” Doyle said.

She encouraged Crosby to take responsibility for himself as an adult and take advantage of the monthly job fair at the courthouse.

Crosby is also facing charges of second-degree sexual assault of a child, felony bail jumping and criminal trespassing. He is scheduled to appear in front of Judge Elliott Levine Sept. 19 for a status conference on that case, in which he is accused of forcing a 15-year-old girl to have sex with him after she removed his hands seven times and told him she did not want to have sex.

Crosby denied having sex with the victim and wanted to get a DNA test to prove his innocence, according to the complaint.

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City government reporter

Jourdan Vian is a reporter and columnist covering local government and city issues for the La Crosse Tribune. You can contact her at 608-791-8218.

(7) comments


These people are delusional if they think counselling and a job fair are going to change this guy. The only way he changes is if he stops breathing.


He is given probation on this charge. I hope Elliott Levine sees that he NEEDS to be in jail and sentences him to jail time on the newest charges. Not only did they "agree" to put him on probation, ya'll know they let him move to Madison to live with a family member right? Hopefully he doesn't hurt anyone there, but if he does, I hope the Dane County Judges see him for what he really is and have him sitting his tail in prison for a stint!!!


Gloria Doyle sentenced Crosby to probation after a JOINT RECOMMENDATION from La Crosse County District Attorney Tim Gruenke and defense attorney Michael Hughes.

It's time to CLEAN HOUSE, fellow citizens of La Crosse County. The judges, the prosecutors and anyone else who seek to keep violent criminals and drug dealers out on the street. The incompetence, the cowardice, the corrupt agendas must all be PURGED. We must MAKE A DIFFERENCE when we vote. Get out there and vote these IDIOTS out of office.

The Mouse of Death

[censored]It would behoove us to thank La Crosse County Judges for their ongoing support for domestic violence. The women-beaters couldn't have done it without you, La Crosse judges! We are bemezzled indeed by the ease with which La Crosse criminals get away with battering, kicking and choking women.


This man is a life sentence waiting to happen. What does he have to do to be taken seriously. I wonder who is going to pay the price for his coming, long term incarceration. Probation? I'll bet he kills someone within the next ten yrs. if it takes that long.


What a lucky guy! Probation, THE NON PUNISHMENT, my goodness, I wonder why there’s so many repeat offenders. 13% of the population, 60% of the thuggery.


What is wrong with the courts and DA's office in La Crosse County? This is ridiculous.

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