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Our Judicial System is HORRIBLY and HOPELESSLY Broken. Our police put their lives on the line everyday !! Only for the judges AND Grungy to kick them loose. SIG BOND for Murder?? The DOJ needs to clean house here. No one will run against them for financial reasons. They get paid every time the get re-arrested for release. That's my 2 cents worth.


Really?? A sig bond?? My gosh people...time to drain the Judicial swamp in La Crosse!!

Heilong Jiang

Get used to it; it will only get worse until responsible people run for judgeship.

Progressives are running virtually every level of City and County government. Minneapolis, here we come.


Doyle has been attending Ramona’s school of judicial latitude.


And MSM is where on this??? Is it just me or does this county judicial system need to be COMPLETELY FLUSHED DOWN THE DRAIN and start over. All Judges and the entire DA's Office.


DOYLE IS A PATHETIC excuse for a judge. Now were are down to Sig Bonds for Murder??

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