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There was a mountain of evidence against him and now he wants to bring in an attorney to try to reverse everything. Yeah good luck with that.


Give it rest Todd.....you did this and you know it. Rot in prison!!!

Buggs Raplin

"Making a Murderer" was a bullsh*t documentary. Avery killed Teresa Halbach, and then burned her body. His nephew was a witness. Let them both rot in jail forever. Same with Todd Kendhammer.

Uncle Harry

Let me get this straight, the King of all things conspiracy believes the cops got it right with Steven Avery.... I'm shocked! I mean Avery clearly did it, but usually you have some far out radical conspiracy theory.... Seriously where did Fun Buggs go?

Buggs Raplin

I'm over at Cassie's eating cheeseburgers with her.


Once again the pathetic loser Chip DeNure claims to know more than people who have actually studied a subject. Because facts and reality don't matter to someone who is a paranoiac.

Buggs Raplin

I've studied the subject. Have you?


I didn't realize Alex Jones was covering these cases, Chippy.

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