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La Crosse police cited a 21-year-old man for killing a fox Dec. 28 in a South Side cemetery and lying during the investigation.

Jesse Cary of La Crosse admitted shooting the fox with his brother’s .22-caliber rifle at the Woodlawn Cemetery, 3636 Mormon Coulee Road, according to police reports.

Cary, who initially denied involvement, told police he planned to make a hat from the hide.

His brother, 23-year-old Jerad Cary of La Crosse, was inside a pickup truck during the shooting and also initially denied involvement.

Surveillance video showed Jesse Cary leaving the truck with a rifle, according to reports.

Jesse Cary faces two $187 citations for discharging a firearm in city limits and obstructing officers. Jerad Cary faces a ticket for obstructing officers.

Both are due in La Crosse Municipal Court on Jan. 31.

The state Department of Natural Resources also is investigating.

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(27) comments

LaCrosse Lady

Lots of people have been going to the cemetery JUST to watch that fox. It gave a lot of joy to wildlife lovers in this city to watch for it.

Now a couple of selfish morons shot it. Really wish they could do more to them than a slap on the wrist. I think the DNR should fine them also for hunting out of season.

I wish they could also get community service working for some of the places in La Crosse where wildlife is appreciated.


It's within the season for fox...


You can hunt in town!


I meant you CANT HUNT

Fearless b

It's not illegal to,shoot a gun in LaCrosse city limits but it is if you less then 100yds away from an occupied building JS is all I gun hunt deer in the city limits and have checked this out thoroughly before doing so.These two dumb as it gets


The next time you post a comment please try doing it while sober. It might make more sense.


Wow, what idiots!! Just Saturday, my extended family was seated at my dining room table enjoying a postponed Christmas noon dinner when this lovely fox appeared right outside the window. It was wonderful. We have enjoyed foxes in our neighborhood off and on for years - more some years than others. How sad that this one had to be killed. They spend evenings in my yard throughout the year and my dog recently has been very aware of their presence once again. Actually, gardening had become much more enjoyable this past year because the foxes are keeping the numbers of rabbits and other vermin down. Too many numbskulls just don't understand the way nature works. Killing any animals just for the thrill is disgusting - and that goes all the way to the 'elite' that kill our wildlife for sport to hang a head on their mansion walls.
Please use some common sense and abide by our laws as well. Really, really sad.
Truthfully, I still can't get over the time the black bear was killed in Myrick Park - that was a travesty 'justified' by city officials - that was so ignorant!!


I know I still think about that,it was rediculous how they handled that bear situation. Eau Claire for example had a similar situation that same year,was tranquilized and released.


lostinparadize Everyone has a right to show their emotional side even if their not technically right about something. This is for discussion and you made your point as well. Congratulations for correcting everyone. You're really smart. Our Foxy Whiskered Gentleman could very well have come from just down the road where I got to see them raise the little ones for a couple of months last year. Right smack dab in the middle of that cornfield when you go around the corner on the River Road. Lot's of people stopped to watch and I hope other lucky readers got to see them. I took some great pictures!


The article doesn't mention the DNR were they even involved in this case???


This really angers me,we have seen fox in town this year,when I have the privlage of seeing one I am amazed at this gorgeous creature,it probably did have a den of kits,so sad,the fox come in town to seek food and some end up staying. I have a picture from last winter of 2 laying in our back yard on a pretty winters day. They stayed a few hours as we watched then peacefully left. I cant believe the small fine they got,rediculous. Please people if you see some nut case shooting at a defensless animal in town. Call the police asap and record what you are seeing![angry][thumbdown]


I agree,these fellows need to be punished for being stupid, but "k" please do some research before showing us your bleeding heart lack of knowledge. Red fox in the upper Midwest breed in February and March and bear their young in April / May. You know, when it's easier for the parent foxes to find more food to feed their kits. If they bore their young in January here in the upper Midwest the young would starve and or freeze to death in no time. Please know what you're talking about before showing your emotional side out loud.


I dont care when they breed,there was no excuse for killing that fox..for a hat? ?,give me a break. Everyone Ive talked to today was mad about this,including alot of men that are also hunters.


Foxes can be hunted in season and with a license to do so. That's the law, k. The offense here is firing a weapon illegally in a municipality. Foxes are predated by coyotes, pretty heavily in this area. So, if you have remorse for foxes, maybe you should consider a war on coyotes. Fine with you?


Really,ok,so any nutcase can kill an animal in the city?


Unfortunately this family will never change- not the first time these two have seen trouble with the law. And they are part of the family business in La Crosse. No regard for life. I hope the DNR investigates and revokes their hunting privileges, and charges them with more than $187 fines. Next time is might be a person.


This is so sad. I'm not anti-hunting by any means, but this fox was killed just for the thrill of killing something. I cannot believe that there are no charges for the actual killing of the animal, just for discharging the firearm. I'm sure that will discourage these two stellar human beings in the future, right?


Hunting in city limits is illegal. And I'm not sure if fox would be considered small game, or if this is poaching. None the less, they should face more than $187 fines- revocation of hunting rights, and the right to own guns. Irresponsible people.


totally agree...this is not a municipal code violation...but a serious crime and total lack of judgement or regard for wildlife or human safety. based on his lack of situational awareness, i'll assume he was probably drinking and could have injured/killed someone. this pair should face jail time and permanent loss of gun and hunting well as mandatory community service. all this for a home-made fur hat - that would have only made this idiot look even dumber.


I’m sure that Woodlawn has space for these two Einsteins. That fox probably did more for mankind than these two clowns would ever do. I wonder how many rodents that fox ate.


I wonder how many Kit's this fox had in it's den that will now starve to death


KAM, please see my post to "k" about fox having young here in WI in January. It doesn't happen. April / May, yep. Jan. / Feb. nope.


So what. It was still killed.


The parents of these two morons should be real proud of their boys. Never be allowed to hunt or own a firearm again. Stupid to the core.

The Guy

I hope the DNR prosecutes them for every charge possible. Discharging a weapon from a vehicle, I would imagine hunting without a license and other charges. Take their hunting privelages away indefinitely.

You don't know me

Do you think tickets like this even notify the DNR? Who does the follow up to make sure? I’m going to guess it surely doesn’t considering the fine is only$187 and there possibly isn’t a procedure in place to notify them. Just like there isn’t a procedure in place to notify parents of their underage child getting warning for doing minor and sometimes wrong things. My guess is they will still have a license and continue doing what they are doing, pay the ticket and not show up in court. Very sad! Someone could have been shot where the endangering public safety ticket?


Lets just hope the DNR know about it

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