Two men were arrested and charged Wednesday after a criminal informant told police that drugs including marijuana and methamphetamine were being sold out of a residence on La Crosse's South Side.

Shoua Lee

Shoua Lee

Anthony A. Lee

Anthony A. Lee

La Crosse County Circuit Court Judge Ramona Gonzalez issued a no-knock search warrant, and police searching 1816 Denton St. discovered guns, a meth pipe, more than 1,200 grams of marijuana, ammunition and cash. Four people were taken into custody, according to the complaint.

Shoua Lee, 37, was charged in La Crosse County Circuit Court with possession with intent to deliver THC as a party to the crime, possession of a firearm by an outstate felon, felony bail jumping and maintaining a drug trafficking place, along with misdemeanor bail jumping and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the complaint.

Anthony A. Lee, 20, was charged with possession with intent to deliver THC, possession of a firearm by a felon, maintaining a drug trafficking place and misdemeanor bail jumping as repeat offenses.

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Meth? Punish them. So highly addictive people will do anything to get it. Mary Jane? Who do you prefer to buy your dope from? Legalize it now and stop supporting criminals.


1200 grams is 2.6 lbs. And its marijuana, which is legal in various states. So, this is not a major bust.


I'm surprised George & Nancy Skemp would be owners of a drug house. It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. -Warren Buffett


So what, says one reader. As a community we should all be concerned. Drug traffic brings down neigborhoods, puts children at risk of addiction, continues addiction for those already using drugs, as well as encourages crime for many to obtain drugs from these people. They continue to be the problem not the solution for a better community & neigborhood. I don't want my kids or grandkids exposed to this kind of environment. Criminal activity like this leads to ghetto type of blocks where safety becomes an issue along with reduction of home values as well as having a daily visual of people in a degraded state of conscienceness. So what who cares?? I do, & I'm trying to preserve my block from such ilk. I don't even want the city to set up half way homes near my block as I've seen what has happened when they have done so. For awhile a Johnson & Jackson St. block was surrounded by 3 of these half way homes. For the most part they were unregulated to any strict degree. The police or ambulances were at these residences weekly hauling someone out for issues of fights that broke out, or drunkeness or mental illness that got out of control, along with the daily begging money from people who were just outside raking or taking care of their property. This is not a lifestyle I envision for my community nor want it.


They will be out tomorrow to continue to ply their trade as felons.

Buena Vista

So what? It's NONE of your concern.


It’s my concern because these punks have illegal guns and who knows when they would start throwing bullets in a drug deal gone bad. Hopefully it’s in your neighborhood.

Buena Vista

I live 'right there' in this neighborhood where this took place. 13, 14, 15 hundred block between Green Bay Street and Denton. I keep to myself, keep my lawn and cars looking nice, work quite heavily....and mind my own business. Apparently in a city this small, the newspaper LOVES exploiting the criminal activity especially in this area of La Crosse. Why, I don't know. And why are citizens say their concerned? That's even a bigger mystery. I don't even call the police if I see something. Not my job. I just mind my own business and keep my doors locked and enjoy my peace of mind. Some of you sound too concerned with what your neighbor is doing and the location of half way houses.


Buena Vista: Your apathy and lack of care and concern stinks to high heaven. You have no justification telling others that it's none of their concern. You ought to change your name to Mala Vista.


I think Romona let them have Christmas dinner at her house and gave them each a gift basket.

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