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I have a true story about Vernon County, county bordering La Crosse, with a ton legal documents that speak for themselves, and I would love to share with, well I plan, share with EVERYONE as this has become a national problem of local authority overstepping others rights, and getting away with it until someone puts an end to that totally unexceptable, unethical and criminal behavior.


I think that every single policeman and woman should be replaced by a social worker!


No one thinks that. Including the people developing this course, I'm certain.

It's reasonable to think that some could though. My dad was a social worker and child abuse investigator in the 1970s and 1980s. His expertise with children and families prevented numerous situations that would have otherwise involved the police. One perosn shouldn't be expected to understand psychology, drug treatment, child development, traffic laws, the safe use of a firearm, investigative work, etc. Put the cops where they fit best, and train them to manage those situations without violence whenever possible. I applaud UWL for doing this. Seems like a great collaboration between a police perspective and a sociological persepctive. We need more of these discussions.

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