A La Crosse man turned himself in Sunday after vandalizing the Dahl Family YMCA in La Crosse Friday morning.

Peyton D. Nett, 19, admitted that it was him in the video, but said he doesn’t remember going to the YMCA because he was intoxicated, according to the La Crosse Police Department.

Nett drank four to five rum and Cokes on Thursday night before going to the Twisted Moose with friends and drinking more, according to the police report. He blacked out and doesn’t remember anything after that, he said; however, surveillance cameras show him walking around downtown.

Surveillance video at the YMCA shows Nett at about 4:20 a.m. Friday walking through the lobby and tearing the computer monitors off the desk, then throwing each one. There was paint all over the floor, walls, desks, TV screens and computer monitors in the Primetime Center — an area for older children to do crafts and play games — and damage to furniture. Police also noted a clear footprint in the paint on the floor.

YMCA suspect

Surveillance video captured this image of the person who vandalized the Dahl Family YMCA in La Crosse early Friday.

The next morning, Nett, a student at UW-La Crosse, went to Fond du Lac to visit his family. Friday evening, a friend sent him a link to a news story about the break-in after recognizing Nett, according to the report.

At about 7:45 p.m. Friday, Nett’s mother called the La Crosse Police Department and told them the vandal was her son, and then handed the phone to Nett, who arranged to turn himself in when he was back in town Sunday.

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Nett went to the La Crosse Police Department at 5:20 p.m. Sunday and told authorities it was him on the surveillance video. He was interviewed and then released on a signature bond.

Police referred charges of felony criminal damage to property and burglary to the La Crosse County District Attorney.

The facility, located at 1140 Main St., opened three hours late, at 8 a.m., as YMCA staff dealt with the break-in.

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(12) comments

Lax lifer

Signature bond! Come on make him ego sit up in the felon block a day or two. Maybe he’d realize he’s not cut out to hang with the big dogs. And they should absolutely charge the twisted moose for allowing in n serving a minor. From the looks and sounds of everything other then restitutions he’s not going to get in any trouble. I’m sure mommy n daddy will make sure there little alumni will not have any real charges to speak of. They should give home 4 years probation, restitutions, and justice sanctions for a year, also pull his drivers licenses for a year as well.

Rick Czeczok

"I don't remember" I hope that is not his defense.


If it's the truth, then he should tell the truth. If he truly doesn't remember, if he experiences blackouts when he gets really drunk, then he should tell the court.


Seems to be a pretty common theme for this guy. From his TwitterAccount

Peyton Nett


Sep 22

I actually don’t remember the 21st night of September


Do you always stalk people on the Internet?


Maybe the "common theme" was a song by Earth, Wind & Fire ...?

let it go

There is no kudos to anyone in this article. 1. Guy was not even 21 years so offense number 1 is underage drinking. 2. Who served him more a the Twisted Moose or who bought the underaged person the drinks. Nail the Twisted Moose and/or the person who bought him drinks.


Throw the book at this a-hole. Taking responsibility would be telling the truth. Drunk? Sure but you don't break in a building and do this kind of damage while blacked out. Amnesia? He wishes.


He maybe faking amnesia, but I've known people who have done a hell of a lot more damage than that, while blacked out.


Am sure making mom so proud>NOT. Kudos to mom.


Kudos to mom and I'm glad he turned himself in to take responsibility for his actions.


Yet he isn't taking responsibility. He is claiming he doesn't remember the incident. While I know that is possible, I highly doubt it.

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