Competition for the 32nd District seat in the Wisconsin State Senate is heating up, with a challenger to incumbent Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling, D-La Crosse, filing papers and an independent candidate also announcing his run.

Democrat Jared Landry of La Farge filed papers to run in an Aug. 9 primary for the district, which covers La Crosse, Crawford and Vernon counties, as well as parts of Monroe and Richland counties. Winning the seat would be his launching pad toward the presidency, he said.

Tossing his hat into the ring as an independent is Chip DeNure of La Crosse, a retired probation agent who lost a 2006 primary challenge to U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, as well as a mayoral run in 2001.

The primary winner and DeNure would square off in the Nov. 8 general election against Republican candidate Dan Kapanke, whom Shilling unseated in a 2011 recall election and who announced his quest to reclaim the seat on April 18.

Landry, 37, a former private investigator who said he plans to campaign full time, balked at criticizing Shilling, saying, “I don’t believe that’s the direction to go, so I wouldn’t criticize anybody.”

Landry argued against property taxes, saying instead that land should be taxed when it is bought and sold.

He cited the case of Robert Bayliss of rural Viola, on the line between Vernon and Richland counties, who became engaged in a firefight with authorities in April 2008 when they tried to serve eviction papers against him for owing $5,000 in back taxes after not paying property taxes for several years.

Officers from La Crosse, Vernon and Richland counties launched a tactical attack in which the 61-year-old Bayliss fired a high-powered rifle at them, damaging a La Crosse County armored vehicle, according to news reports at the time.

Bayliss surrendered after his house caught fire, and he was convicted of 13 of 17 charges, including attempted first-degree intentional homicide, in February 2009. He was sentenced to 48 years in prison in April 2009.

The La Crosse County Emergency Response Team’s involvement in the fracas earned it the state Association of SWAT Personnel’s award as Team of the Year.

Landry, who has faced misdemeanors in several court cases — including four OWI charges, resisting an officer and criminal damage to property, among others — blamed unfair property taxes and law enforcement for the standoff and its results.

Among other issues, Landry said he supports equal opportunities to education and opposes frac sand mining and pollution.

“I value humanity more than money,” he said.

Long-term, Landry said, “I have a lot to offer society and I will work hard. I will run for governor, become governor and become president and show how the country should be run.”

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DeNure, who announced his independent bid Thursday, said, “It appears to me that my two opponents, Dan Kapanke and Senator Shilling, have done nothing in regards to the No. 1 issue facing the city of La Crosse. I’m talking about the north/south corridor.”

Denouncing proposals for such a road and the $140 million set aside, DeNure said La Crosse residents, public officials and environmentalists don’t want it.

“I will lead the opposition to it if I’m elected, and we will put a stake through the heart of this vampire road project and kill it for good,” he said.

DeNure criticized Shilling’s support for $250 million in public subsidies for a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks, which Shilling had described as a wise economic investment for the state.

He described the professional basketball team’s request for the subsidy, couched in a threat to leave the state otherwise, as “blatant extortion” and said Shilling “caved in to that extortion.”

DeNure also reiterated his strong opposition to the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, in the debate over whether the MMR vaccine causes autism.

“I am not anti-vaccine. But I am a fierce opponent of the specific MMR vaccine, which was linked to autism in a 2002 study by the Centers for Disease Control,” he said. “The scientists involved in that study then criminally deleted data from that study to make it appear the MMR vaccine was safe, when it is not.”

Several other studies have found any such connection to be unfounded.

DeNure urged consideration of legalizing marijuana.

“There are some positive results coming out of Colorado, where marijuana is legal — especially increased revenue to the state from legalization,” he said.

“To those who say marijuana is a gateway drug to methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin, I respectfully disagree,” DeNure said. “The true gateway drug is alcohol, something we tried to ban with Prohibition — that was a failure.”

Shilling, who was elected to a full term in 2012, represented the 95th Assembly District from 2001 to 2010. She announced her re-election bid for the Senate on April 20.

Although the senator was not available for comment Thursday, she has criticized Republican tax breaks for propelling cuts to local schools, road repairs and worker training.

The La Crosse Democrat also has cited the need to increase job creation and access to health care, improve retirement security and lower student debt.

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(73) comments

Buggs Raplin

You know...I've presented the facts of the 2002 study that found a link between autism, and how the authors of that study criminally deleted data from that study to make it appear the MMR vaccine is safe, when it isn't. As the trailer for the "Vaxxed" documentary states, it used to be one in 15,000 kids that developed autism, and today it's one in 68. But the establishment could care less. They offer no credible explanation for the epidemic, but when a causal factor such as the MMR vaccine becomes known, there's a media cover-up of that information. As I state below, I will continue to speak out about this tragedy as my campaign proceeds, and I expect more disinformation and obfuscation from the likes of some of the contributors here. The truth here is about as ugly as it gets, but it is still the truth, and I will do my best to bring it forth-for the sake of our children.-Chip DeNure, state senate candidate.

Tim Russell

You posted all of that already. Do you have Alzheimer's Disease?

Tim Russell

The new opponents are clearly in it for the publicity. Some people adore being in the spot light.

Buggs Raplin

Sure enjoyed the 'spotlight' the last two days going door to door in the chilly weather. Ah, what I do for my senate discrict.


Chip -

Parroting JFK Jr's bogus claims does not make you correct.

You are simply wrong about vaccines having anything to do with autism.



For God's sake even the most well-known autism support lobby knows there is no link!


Reasonable people can disagree about public support of stadiums. I wish there was federal legislation outlawing it so cities didn't have to beg franchises in smaller markets to stay.

Buggs Raplin

No, you are wrong, and your failure to recognize the truth is appalling considering the stakes. I will continue to raise this issue for the safety of our children.


Anyone but Kapanke.

Buggs Raplin

The CDC committed fraud, criminal fraud in the 2002 study. The CDC should be liable for billions of dollars in lawsuits from parents whose children became autistic from the MMR vaccine after publication of that fraudulent study in the journal, "Pediatrics." in 2004. Now, here's an important point in refutation of my critics below. How many other studies conducted by the CDC on vaccines are fraudulent as well? RFK Jr. has called the vaccine division of the CDC a cesspool of corruption. He's got that right.



CJ - For the millionth time, anecdotes do not equal scientific evidence of cause. For the 10 millionth time, correlation does not equal causation. Do you take issue with the multiple studies proving no link between vaccination and autism or are you just going rogue and not caring about using evidence and scientific method to form our public health policy?


So how many kids or people do you know that are Autistic and of those did you know any before they were diagnosed? Many here run away from questions in having conversations which leads one to believe you simply choose to deflect when they don't want to or have an answer to support themselves.....


I think OldHomey is my homey! Preach brother!


You sin also by spouting falsehoods about good public health programs based on a selective and misguided read of only things that support your myopic worldview.


Shelling has been doing a great job so. More than any other person who's been in her place. She's been fighting for her constituents and winning so My vote will stay with her. She fights for those that can't fight for themselves and in todays world of politics that's pretty rare. My hats off to her for a job well done.

Buggs Raplin

Fighting for the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. How heroic.

250000 New Jobs

I actually believe autism is a direct result of the means and methods including use of certain materials used in modern day Home Construction. I saw a study proposed once that included this as the basis for the study. I never saw the results. But it makes more sense than autism being as a result of vaccines.

Buggs Raplin

You're ignoring the fact..I say the fact that a 2002 CDC study established the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.


You ignore the fact, Buggs, that the CDC I believe showed the study you refer to in which a very small subset of those studied, black male children in a very young cohort, was an erroneous result due to statistical aberrations, not a finding of MMR being responsible for their autism. But it is more fun for you to jump up and down and accuse one of the biggest, most reputable, most honest and effective health agencies in the world of being a fraud, because it makes you feel good to do so. You seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth as the late Sen. Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin. I do hope your effort in getting elected in this case is an even bigger failure than your effort to become mayor of La Crosse.


Hey Buggs, here's a thought...

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Mark Twain

Buggs Raplin

To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men.-Ella Wheeler Wilcox


And Ella would be proud to see the great hue and cry protesting your conceit of running for the state senate, Buggs.


Chip, you are, uhh, out there. But still great to see more challengers for Jenny Penny.

Buggs Raplin

Bruce, uhh, the truth is out there. I'm just trying to bring it home. Hope to get your vote.


Let the Chips fall where they may. Time to move on.

Buggs Raplin

Head em up, move em out, rawhide....nice to see you've abandoned commenting on comments-Chip



Buggs Raplin

If you google the trailer for "Vaxxed" you will hear the anguish in William Thompson's voice as he confesses the criminality of what he and his colleagues did with the data in that 2002 CDC study. How they literally tossed the data showing the link between the MMR vaccine and autism into a garbage can.


LaXman so how many people do you know personally with Autistic kids and when they were diagnosed? You seem to have bypassed any mention of that. How many people do you know that had the whooping cough vaccine only to see an entire family get it though they had the "recommended" shot. Any idea what extras have been in the flu shot the last few years, pertussis/whooping cough being one of them, though the Feds admit they can't seem to get the "right" strain from year to year. Obviously there is a place for vaccines but the ingredients, frequency & amount of shots needs a serious study.......


CJ - did you ever think they recommend them because they are effective?

Mercola is another unscientific quack. You should do YOUR research.





Chip - You completely avoid reputable and multiple recent studies that disprove your claim. Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy group (probably the best-known group), disagrees with your position.

Autism is a problem. It is one that is not caused by vaccines.

The false claims you and other misguided people make harm infants and children.


Whether you like it or not, sometimes the government does good.


Do some research, part of the issue is how many & how fast these shots are being administered these days......Have you ever had the chance to meet someone who had a bright, smart & healthy 2-3 year old only to have that child be labeled "Autistic" shortly after a round of shots? Sadly I've met a few in that case and between the way many people feed their kids processed junk for food these days the problems will only get worse.

In 1983, the CDC directed doctors to give a child no more than 4 vaccines (DPT, polio) simultaneously. By 2013, the CDC
directed that a child can receive 8 or more vaccines at once.
The Institute of Medicine published a report in 2013 stating that “key elements of the entire [child vaccine] schedule – the
number, frequency, timing, order and age of administration of vaccines – have not been systematically examined in research


CJ there is research and there is research. Yours seems to be scanning the Internet for sites that confirm your preconceived ideas about autism, much like Buggs. I will stick to actual scientific data, thank you very much. I also think you are a bald faced liar when you say "Have you ever had the chance to meet someone who had a bright, smart & healthy 2-3 year old only to have that child be labeled "Autistic" shortly after a round of shots? Sadly I've met a few in that case . . . " And your linking autism to junk food is wondrous, indeed, a new one for me. Would you care to share with us the evidence that you have for this novel idea? Somehow, I bet you won't.


Bald faced liar, you didn't do very well in English Class did you? Best of luck Homey but in the 20 plus years of dealing with health insurance, chiropractors and other non drug pushing health providers I have met a good amount of people as described including past coworkers......Think back to the 70's & 80's and wonder why we didn't have all the labels on kids like we do today or health issues? Next you'll tell me it was cold today because of global warming......


Common sense would suggest that, if we are giving our children more than five dozen vaccinations from day of birth to age 18, we are over-vaccinating our children.

Yet, authorities continue to insist that "more is better" when it comes to vaccines without providing adequate scientific evidence to justify that assumption.

If you follow the CDC's recommended vaccination schedule, your child will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he/she is 6 years of age.



And tell us, CJ, why this is common sense? Is it that same common sense that so many of our wise men peddle these days, like Donald Trump's or Ted Cruz' versions of common sense. I suspect that it is. It may be common, but it is also nonsensical.


Homey so what was/is your occupation? How the heck does your Uncle Ted or Donald come up here? Your main comebacks here are about as educational as Jhar. Sadly I've met numerous families over the years that saw their kids change in a short time frame after a round of boosters. Enjoy your weekend homey....


Proving my point, Chip has found a conspiracy to kill JFK, 9-11 was an inside job, a conspiracy to harm children by all public health officials, and a conspiracy to create false data regarding climate change. I can't believe he left out the contrails.

Buggs Raplin

I don't know much about chemtrails, but the events you mention are actual conspiracies, not theories-if you go by the evidence. If you go by faith in the Warren Commission; faith in the 9/11 Commission; faith in the CDC; or by faith in the East Anglia scientists, then your beliefs are all true, but you've entered the religious realm.


Your protestations that actual, peer-reviewed, blind-tested science is faith-based sounds like a Bible-thumping fundamentalist preacher declaring his righteous, angry God to be the only God, condemning the rest of the world to eternal damnation. Good luck with that, Buggs. Hope it becomes a part of your stump speech in your breath-taking run from the Wisconsin Senate. Oops! I guess that should be FOR the Senate, but it sounds with your doubling down on your usual ravings here that you're doing your best to run FROM it.


Chip. The fraud is the "doc" (Andrew Wakefield) who used fake data to publish a study that has since been rescinded. He also lost his license. He has, however, managed to develop a career out of scaring the gullible and those prone to believing vast conspiracies. This has led to pockets of return of preventable disease in areas of the country where people read articles on the Internet and don't listen to trained physicians.

I'm sure it makes sense to you Chip that doctors who work in public health policy all have agreed to hide information to the detriment of children. Of course the "big pharma" mantra you parrot will convince some people. Keep up the paranoia.

The truth is that vaccinations have been the largest public health success in history. You really should be ashamed.


Vaccines simply do not cause autism.



Isn't it great. We have a phony con-artist running for President, an ex First Lady running that nobody seems to like, a vile Texan announcing his VP as if he will get the nomination, and now the area oddball who may cause great harm if he convinces even one set of dim-witted parents to not vaccinate their children. He's no better than ISIS killing people who are vaccinating kids for polio because they think they are secretly sterilizing Muslims.

Buggs Raplin

Parents should have all the information available before making the decision to vaccinate with the MMR. The system isn't doing that. It's covering up the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The medical community has been fooled; parents have been fooled, and the general public has been fooled..with tragic results. As the "Vaxxed" documentary trailer reveals: 40 or 50 years agoautism was extremely rare. Today it strikes one in 68 children. That's an epidemic. LaXman (above) omits the situation with William Thompson, which I detail below. It's Thompson's experience that I base my fierce opposition to the MMR vaccine upon. For cry'in out, one in 68 kids are going to become brain-damaged with autism, and we know the MMR vaccine causes autism. Parents should know the risk, and I intend to talk about it a lot during my campaign.-Chip DeNure, candidate for state senate


Buggs, the world and medical knowledge has changed dramatically from what it was 40 to 50 years ago. We should all try to keep abreast of progress made in medicine, but we all should be aware that little is yet known about disease and disease processes, including autism. You say that autism was extremely rare 40 years ago, but it was at that time still little studied, little understood and thus not diagnosed properly. In fact, that STILL is the case. Your factoid that it strikes one in 68 children is a stretch. I think it references an Atlantic Monthly magazine story that used that figure, but then went on to seriously question its reliability: "What gets lost in the debate is an awareness of how the younger in age we assess for problems, the greater the potential a slow-to-mature kid will be given a false diagnosis. In fact, as we venture into more tender years to screen for autism, we need to be reminded that the period of greatest diagnostic uncertainty is probably toddlerhood. A 2007 study out of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that over 30 percent of children diagnosed as autistic at age two no longer fit the diagnosis at age four. Since ASD is still generally considered to be a life-long neuropsychiatric condition that is not shed as childhood unfolds, we have to wonder if a large percentage of toddlers get a diagnosis that is of questionable applicability in the first place."

Here is a history of the disease for the last 35 years, for your edification:

1980: "Infantile autism" is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) for the first time; the condition is also officially separated from childhood schizophrenia.

1987: The DSM replaces "infantile autism" with a more expansive definition of "autism disorder," and includes a checklist of diagnostic criteria. UCLA psychologist Ivar Lovaas, Ph.D., publishes the first study showing how intensive behavior therapy can help children with autism--thus giving new hope to parents.

1988: The movie Rain Man is released. It stars Dustin Hoffman as an autistic savant who has a photographic memory and can calculate huge numbers in his head. "This was important for raising public awareness of the disorder," Dr. Volkmar notes, although not every kid on the autism spectrum has these kinds of skills.

1991: The federal government makes autism a special education category. Public schools begin identifying children on the spectrum and offering them special services.

1994: Asperger's Syndrome is added to the DSM, expanding the autism spectrum to include milder cases in which individuals tend to be more highly functioning.

1998: A study published in The Lancet suggests that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism. This finding was quickly debunked.

2000: Vaccine manufacturers remove thimerosal (a mercury-based preservative) from all routinely given childhood vaccines due to public fears about its role in autism--even though, again, the vaccine-autism link has been debunked.

2009: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 110 children have autism spectrum disorders, up from 1 in 150 in 2007, though the CDC notes that the increase stems at least in part from improved screening and diagnostic techniques.

2013: The DSM-5 folds all subcategories of the condition into one umbrella diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Asperger's Syndrome is no longer considered a separate condition. ASD is defined by two categories: 1) Impaired social communication and/or interaction. 2) Restricted and/or repetitive behaviors.

Union Man

All of a sudden the "Climate change is a hoax" theme doesn't cut it.

Buggs Raplin

Human-caused climate change is a hoax to tax us more, reduce our freedom, and create more government. If elected, I will be a strong opponent of any legislation promoting this fallacy of corrupt and compromised scientists.-Chip DeNure, candidate for state senate.


Chip there's so much ammo on you and your wacky way of thinking you don't stand a chance

Buggs Raplin

Well, I respectfully disagree with your assessment. All my conclusions are based on evidence, not misplaced faith.

250000 New Jobs

Just curious - how many signatures does one need to submit to be included on the Ballot?

Buggs Raplin



Chip must have went into all the bars down town right about bar time to get those signature's.


Good for you Chip! Most people can't be bothered to take action and would rather complain. And choice, in reference to our way of governmental life, is good. Wether you are right or wrong, conspiratorial or anti, moralistic or not, you have the right to run.
I will vote for Jen, but when I think about the slimy mold that is Hanky, you come in second.
A word of advice: you do not see other mainstream candidates talking conspiracy - until you do, mums the word. Stick to the political actions that affect Wisconsin.

Buggs Raplin

Thanks for compliment. Conspiracy theorist is a term devised by the CIA in the 1960's to ridicule researchers and authors bringing forth information that JFK was killed in a conspiracy. The media quickly implemented the term and it became imprinted in the minds of the public as derogatory, and that people questioning government explanations are looney tunes with tin foil hats. What I do is study events, read about them, and then formulate conclusions based on the evidence. What my intellectual opponents generally do is avoid the evidence I present, express their faith in the government, and then ridicule me. It's a faith-based approach. Take 9/11 for example. View video of the collapse of Building 7, and then ask yourself the obvious: Why was that building wired for a controlled demolition? That question should lead to others, and the evidence you'll uncover will lead to the inescapable conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job. As a well-read student of history, I can tell you that conspiracies have been occurring since the dawn of human existence on this planet. History is one conspiracy after another after another.....ad infinitum


Buggs seems to ignore the long, long list of actual conspiracies that have resulted in prosecutions of both street criminals and corporate criminals who enriched themselves through criminal conspiracies. Those conspiracies were only theories at first until investigation proved them to be actual conspiracies. None of the conspiracies that Buggs champions, however, have stood up to the glare of actual investigation. But he has "faith" in them, nonetheless, a term he likes to fling at us but one which is entirely appropriate in describing his dedication to his harebrained conspiracy theories. He will make an excellent candidate for something, but I don't think for the Wisconsin Senate. He may indeed be "a well-read student of history", but the question then obviously is just what exactly is it that he is reading?

Buggs Raplin

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has described the vaccine division at the Centers for Disease Control as a "cesspool of corruption." He doesn't go far enough. It is a criminal enterprise. How many children have become autistic from the MMR vaccine since 2004, when the CDC published its fraudulent study in the journal "Pediatrics?" leading the medical community and parents to believe the MMR vaccine was safe. It is not. It causes autism in some children.

Buggs Raplin

The MMR vaccine has been found to cause autism in some children. The trailer for the documentary, "Vaxxed" is easily viewed on the internet. I would encourage the Marcus Theaters in La Crosse to show this documentary to inform the public of the danger to our children from the MMR vaccine. I also recommend journalist Ben Swann's "Reality Check, CDC Scientist" video on this subject. It's about 5 minutes long and easily found through a google.


The opposition to the MMR vaccine is the stupidest public policy position Chip has ever taken, and that's saying something. He finds a conspiracy around every corner and cannot help himself. Even ducks think he's a quack.


Congrats, Chip/Buggs. I admire the intestinal fortitude you possess to take on either Hanke Kapanke or Henny Jenny. If anyone could rattle the cages of our state asylum in Madison, it might be you. Oh, and the asylum I speak of would be our state capital, not the other one. I wish you well.

Buggs Raplin

Thanks so much for your comment.


Well, Buggs, we know you'll get at least one vote in August, but awol tends to go awol when if you're counting on his vote, too.

Buggs Raplin

oldhomey, I almost never read your long entries, because I know from past experience you are dishonest, a liar, and a master of distraction and obfuscation. I did read this short comment, and you're wrong. No one will be voting for me in August. They will in November. Wise up, bud.


Let us start a pool on how many votes NBR gets. Winner gets free beer for an evening at Pearl St. Anyone else in?

Buggs Raplin

I'd get in if it was martinis.

Buggs Raplin

Recently, Robert DeNiro had the documentary, "Vaxxed" slated to be featured at his Tribeca film festival. It goes into the William Thompson/MMR vaccine scandal. DeNiro believed the documentary worthy of discussion, and that it should be seen. Then the pressure came from Big Pharma and its allies. DeNiro caved in and removed the documentary from the film festival. Interestingly, a regular contributor to the liberal/progressive web site Huffington Post who had submitted opinion pieces for some 8 years, reviewed "Vaxxed" positively, but his review was pulled from the web site within hours of its posting. just part of the media cover-up. These media cretins like Arriana Huffington could care less about kids getting autism. I wonder if they even have a soul.-Chip DeNure, candidate for state senate

Buggs Raplin

In 2014, William Thompson of the CDC was recorded in a telephone conversation with Brian Hooker. In that recording, Thompson admitted what he and his colleagues had done with the 2002 study, where data showing the link between the MMR vaccine and autism was deleted. He and his colleagues literally tossed that data into a garbage can. Thompson felt what they were doing was criminal, so he managed somehow to save that data, which he has now forwarded to Rep. Bill Posey of the House of Representatives. Posey gave a speech on the House floor detailing this. You can see some of that speech in the "Reality Check" video by Ben Swann. William Thompson said the CDC asked him to lie about the situation. He said he was through lying. William Thompson still works at the CDC. In July of last year I e-mailed Ron Kind to support Rep.Posey's investigation. In that e-mail, I asked for a reply. I have not received it-Chip DeNure, candidate for the state senate.

Buggs Raplin

After the 2002 CDC study revealed the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, a decision was made by the authors of that study to delete data showing the link. William Thompson was one of those people, and he was bothered by what he and his colleagues were doing. He went to see Julie Gerberding, the head of the CDC, and told her his reservations. She did nothing. The study was then published in the journal, 'Pediatrics" in 2004 with the MMR vaccine link data to autism data missing. Thus the medical community and parents continued to falsely believe the MMR vaccine was safe, when it was not. As I told the TV journalists today, 40 or 50 years ago, one in every 2000 kids got autism; today it's one in every 68. The MMR vaccine causes autism in some children, yet the "system" won't recognize that truth, for reasons I state below. Julie Gerberding left the CDC around 2009 for a job with Merck. Who makes the MMR vaccine? Merck.-Chip DeNure, candidate for the state senate


Buggs always brings up William Thompson's allegation, but he never includes this statement made by Thompson at the time he made the allegation: "I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continue to save countless lives. I would never suggest that any parent avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and the risks associated with their administration are vastly outweighed by their individual and societal benefits." And the accusations he made about the MMR link in a small subset of black toddlers getting vaccinated having a higher incidence of autism was soon thoroughly discredited. But it was a hook for the anti-vaccine lobby, which has a bought and paid for federal legislator doing their bidding for them in Congress, so they still beat this dead horse. Their disservice to autistic children and their parents is despicable, and I include Buggs Raplin as a shining example of being one of the most despicable of that lot, because now he spreads the lies as political rhetoric in his foolish run for the Wisconsin Senate. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Tim Russell

I remember that last prolific Tribune website poster that ran for Office by conducting his campaign on this website. Old Mr. 13th Place.

So if you don't win it must mean that the people in the City support a road through the marsh?



Now, Chipbuggs, who really built them pyramids? No, don't say the Annununakinaki space aliens again!

"Uhura: Mr. Spock, sometimes I think if I hear that word "frequency" again, I'll cry.
Spock: It is illogical for a communications officer to resent the word "frequency."
Uhura: Then I'm an illogical woman. Why don't you tell me what an attractive lady I am? Or how your planet looks when the moon is full.
Spock: Vulcan has no moon, Miss Uhura.
Uhura: I'm not surprised."

Buggs Raplin

My thanks to Channel 8 and Channel 19 for coming out to the house for my announcement. I cannot emphasize enough my opposition to the MMR vaccine, which has been found to cause autism in some children. I refer to the 2002 CDC study, which was then made fraudulent by the criminal deletion of data showing the link between autism and the MMR vaccine. The mainstream media has covered this up to protect Merck, the maker of the MMR vaccine, and a large advertiser on the mainstream media. They're scratching each other's back and one in 68 kids is getting autism. Here's the deal; here's the reason for the cover-up: the lawsuits following an admission of guilt by the CDC, from families victimized with brain-damaged children because the CDC led parents and the medical community to believe the MMR vaccine was safe would total in the billions of dollars. So the cover-up continues; the lies continue; the suppression of documentaries like "Vaxxed" continues. The mainstream media cares nothing about our kids. Let me tell you something: the mainstream media NEVER tells you the whole truth about anything crucial to your lives; the only time we get the whole truth from them is when it's on something that doesn't matter, like the Kardashians-Chip DeNure, independent candidate for the State Senate.


Buggs, my feeling is that you do not have deep feelings about your fallacious views on vaccines and MMR, but you passionately wish that you were right about them, even when you know that you're not. And we could add to that all your other far-out convictions. But who knows? This is the year of Donald Trump, why can't it be yours, too, as another totally unhinged candidate with amoral and unfounded beliefs about just about everything who nonetheless finds himself attractive to a large part of the electorate. Here's hoping both you and Donald end up getting thoroughly spanked and ridiculed in the end.


Are you so blinded by your ego that the local TV is covering you for the same reason the cover the Kardashians? You are the local sideshow. Too bad Peaches isn't running as well.


I did not see their reports, Buggs, but if they did not challenge you on your autism "facts", you indeed have a lot to thank them for. And if they did not challenge your facts, their ability as capable, trustworthy journalists is seriously called into question. They had better learn more about your positions and the actual facts surrounding them if they continue to follow you in your attempt to dislodge a very good and capable senator.


So both of them are nutjobs. they'd probably have more luck with their views in the Tea Party/Libertarian crowds.


Not how I would have said it, bill, but I think your observation is accurate.

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