A manure spill in La Crosse County is estimated to have killed more than 1,000 trout.

The spill, which is being investigated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, was reported June 8 in Bostwick Creek in the town of Bangor.

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The incident affects the area upstream of Highway M to Larson Road, according the DNR.

Although the downstream affect to the fishery is being assessed, anglers should be aware that fishing in the area has been compromised. DNR fisheries staff will continue to monitor the creek.

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(4) comments


Obviously, I am really irritated about this, which is putting it mildly. Open your eyes and pay attention to the dangerous effects of environmental de-regulation, people. If you continue to ignore it, that garbage WILL find it's way into your well and into your family's bodies. Do you feel good about cooking your food or bathing your baby with water that has enough cow manure in it to kill fish? What does it take to get you to fight back against this?


This is just one more reason I have given up on the Republican party. "We have cut business-stifling regulations so they can make more money and hopefully give us more money. If trout die at first and then humans start getting sick from having chemicals and cow s*** in their water, well, stuff happens." A little more money isn't going to help people much, you brain-washed goose-steppers, if wildlife is dying and humans are getting sick (and may also be dying) from air and water pollution. Locally, state-wide or nationally, pollution isn't about money or regulations or political bragging points. It's about health. Literally. And if the GOP doesn't has no concern about something as basic as people's health, why on earth would we continue electing them? And this is not some fake news hoax, folks. It's a very real, measurable and immediate problem that doesn't just happen in big cities. It's happening in Bangor, WI. Our government doesn't have a responsibility to deregulate ANYTHING that has such a noticeable and dangerous affect on wild life and/or people. How ignorant and uncaring do they have to be to hear stuff like this and then look the other way? That is not tolerable. Dangerous drinking water is an immediate and serious problem all over the country, and the GOP majority makes a very specific effort to allow it. I guess that as long as Trump gets re-elected, who cares about kids with poison in their blood that was put there when they took a drink of water? Voters better, because Republican politicians see money as more important than your health. That is not sarcasm or a joke. It is a very disturbing reality, all over our country.


Feels like a punch right in the gut..

logical thinker

So....why do we not get to know who the (ir)responsible party is?

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