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Dynamic Recycling to add 140,000 square feet, 150 jobs with expansion

Gov. Scott Walker speaks at a press conference Monday about the expansion plans of Dynamic Recycling in the town of Onalaska.

TOWN OF ONALASKA — Dynamic Recycling is expanding for the fifth time in a decade.

Company officials celebrated a visit by Gov. Scott Walker on Monday that highlighted a 140-000-square-foot expansion project that began in May. The extra space will boost the processing capacity for scrap and electronic recyclables, as well as provide additional office space for the company.

Company CEO Miles Harter said the hope is for the new facility to come online in early 2018, as the company already has outgrown its current space. The expansion is expected to add 150 jobs, nearly doubling the workforce of Dynamic Recycling, which also has facilities in the Twin Cities and Nashville, Tenn.

“We can do good while making a profit doing it,” Harter said. “We have a goal of recycling more than 100 million pounds next year.”

To help finance the expansion, Dynamic Recycling will be eligible for more than $500,000 in tax credits from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. in exchange for job creation. The company also will receive $17 million in Industrial Revenue Bonds, which provide loans at low interest rates, to help finance the $20 million project.

Dynamic Recycling recycles, tests and refurbishes items such as IT equipment, consumer electronics, medical equipment, and electronic and non-ferrous scrap, such as copper and aluminum. Harter said the state incentives will help the company pay for additional recycling equipment, replacing work that is currently done internationally.

Harter said support and incentives from WEDC have been essential to the company’s growth during the past decade, such as $360,000 in tax credits the company was awarded when it relocated to the town of Onalaska.

Dynamic Recycling has expanded five times since it was first founded in 2007 in a 4,000-square-foot facility in La Crosse. The company moved to its current location three years ago.

“For us, our future is more and continued growth,” Harter said. “This will allow us to process more domestically and do more locally.”

Last month, the company was honored with the La Crosse Area Development Corp.’s manufacturer of the year award, the highest award given out by the organization. This investment by WEDC is a significant one for the state, 7 Rivers Alliance’s outgoing CEO Lisa Herr said at the event Monday.

A lot of companies focus on their people or turning a profit, Herr said, leaving planning for when they have to do it. During Dynamic Recycling’s entire 10-year history, planning has been a significant part of the company’s strategy, which has helped make it a successful economic driver in the state.

“This is a good example of a great company in the state that is growing,” Gov. Walker said. “It is just another example of what makes the Coulee Region special.”

“This is a good example of a great company in the state that is growing. It is just another example of what makes the Coulee Region special.” Gov. Scott Walker

“This is a good example of a great company in the state that is growing. It is just another example of what makes the Coulee Region special.” Gov. Scott Walker


Nathan Hansen has been the Education Reporter for the Tribune since 2014. Prior to that, he covered education, agriculture and business topics for the Winona Daily News. He is always on the lookout for news tips and can be contacted at 608-791-8234.

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Would love to see Matt Harter return as Mayor. He was the best one this city has had in a long time.


if more of the work is going to be done here rather than internationally, I think that's a plus. The semi traffic is not fabulous but I think more jobs in the area are great. Not sure if people need special training or not but if not, that's good too. I don't know all much more about this but this one sounds better than the Foxconn thing. Accidents happen but if they are prepared for things like that, it's better to hear that than hearing that the Foxconn thing won't have to abide by environmental protections. We have a beautiful state and I don't want it ruined just for money.

you think you know

Since the story mentions Walker, of course libs hate it. I see Timmy and RestofStory would rather throw everything in the landfill than recycle.

An accident, in ten years, that was cleaned up in a matter of hours....shut those dirt bag down forever, right Timmy?!

Local company, local jobs, recycling....apparently the left really will complain about anything.

Tim Russell

Didn't they just have a "chemical incident" last week?
Expect more.

Rick Czeczok

Yes Timmy, it's better to dump it in the sewers, or better yet in the ditch like it used to be: right? Your council piers won't like your comment.


Thanks for all of the additional semi-truck traffic. Also thanks for creating unsafe conditions with the speeding trucks. I hope no one is killed because of this expansion.


Lol you people complain about literally everything. How dare they create 150 new jobs while recycling more in this country. The audacity of some people, they should take all of these electronics right to the landfill right?

Rick Czeczok

Think that's bad they want to turn away one of the best deals to hit Wisconsin in decades with Foxconn. Other states are on the sidelines just drooling, waiting for us to turn the deal down. Didn't they say the same thing about the purchase of Alaska and call it; what was the name again. Oh yeah, Sewards folly, boy that was a big mistake to make that deal.......

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