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The For Goodness’ Sake program provides donated household goods to the needy.

The program is administered by La Crosse County. The phone numbers listed are for local agency contacts, not the person in need. This week:

  • Stroller needed for 3-year-old. Call Kyra, 608-785-9642.
  • Homeless man needs clothes size 3X or 4X (short- and long-sleeve shirts); man needs 26-inch front tire for a mountain bike. Call Abby, 608-785-0001, ext. 300.
  • Soft full-size soft mattress needed. Call Angela, 608-800-7259.
  • WAFER food pantry needs mac-n-cheese, canned chicken and soups. Drop items off at 403 Causeway Blvd. or call 608-782-6003.
  • 10-year-old girl with multiple disabilities would benefit from participating in a motor development program to help with her balance, core strength, fine and gross motor skills. Seeking donations of any amount to help cover the $100 fee for the semester. Donations can be made payable and sent to: For Goodness’ Sake Project, 300 N. Fourth St., La Crosse, WI 54601. Memo: 10-year-old girl.

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Do you have an item that you’d like to donate, but you don’t see it listed today? E-mail to notify social workers of your potential donations.


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