The For Goodness’ Sake program, administered by La Crosse County, provides donated household goods to the needy.

The phone numbers listed are for local agency contacts, not the person in need.

This week:

  • Woman with mobility issues would benefit from a computer. Call Kathryn 608-210-4143.
  • Family needs washing machine and electric dryer, delivery needed. Call Karlene 608-789-8549.
  • Crib mattress needed. Call Bridget 608-789-8535.
  • Woman needs lift chair. Call Chrissy 608-775-3337.
  • Single mother looking for through-wall A/C unit for low-income housing, measuring 25” wide x 14.75” high. Also needs high chair with working straps. Call Jenni 608-386-4420.
  • Mom in wheelchair needs double stroller for children to enjoy outdoor time. Call Kemesha 608-784-8125 ex. 236.
  • Man needs CD player and a nighttime soundscapes, relaxing sounds or music CD to help calm recurring nightmares. Call Abby 608-615-0380.
  • Individual with physical and developmental disability would benefit from three-wheeled bicycle. Call Kristin 608-210-4146.
  • Couch needed. Call Tiffany 608-785-6388.
  • The Hunger Taskforce Food bank needs hotel-sized hygiene items; shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash. Drop off items at 1240 Clinton St. or call 608-793-1002.
  • WAFER food pantry needs mac and cheese, baby cereal, peanut butter, oatmeal and soups. Drop off items at 403 Causeway Blvd. or call 608-782-6003.

Do you have an item that you’d like to donate, but you don’t see it listed today? E-mail SundayFGSneeds@lacrossecounty.org to notify social workers of your donations.

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