These historical photos from the Coulee Region are a reminder about how our region used to look.

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before Mr. D's built the new place on West Ave. and State St. they were located in a building on West Ave. and Market St. (south west corner) anyone know what was there before Mr. D's(perhaps a neighborhood market)/also the name of the dinner(maybe Jim's Dinner?) on 11th and Market that was there for years during the '60's and '70's and My Florist was next door!


When I was in high school at Central (1963 - 1966), all of our basketball games were played at the Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium. Plus our graduation was held there. Now when I go to see my high school or the auditorium they are both gone. It is kind of sad.


Buildings like the courthouse,should never have ben torn down,the prettiest cities i have ben to have kept a mix of the old and new,what a shame these buildings werent kept.


Agreed, Jax. I had forgotten how imposing the old courthouse was, one of the best I have seen. It should have remained as a centerpiece for the city, though I suppose it was an awkward building to repurpose. It would have worked as the repository for the La Crosse Historical Society, I would think, with large courtrooms suitable as exhibit spaces. The Montgomery Ward building was a monstrosity that was an eyesore the day it opened.


So is our present day City Hall. It looks like something designed in the former Soviet Union. The good thing is that we could gut it someday and turn it into a parking ramp.

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