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Hanky Panky Kapanke is too swanky, and he'll get another spanky if he runs.


I think its time for someone totally new. Kapanke had his time in office and was voted out. Schilling has had her time and its time for her to move on. Politicians should not consider themselves in a career position. Those that do generally stop serving the public interest in many cases.

Lax lifer

Kapanke has been criticized for ethics violations, including using $32,000[3] from a lobbyist-funded charity to pay off personal debt, and violating the state's open records law, causing taxpayers to pay $38,000 in legal bills.[4] According to Kapanke, the violations were unintentional.[5]

During the 2011 Wisconsin protests, Kapanke reported that he had received death threats from his vote, and claimed that the windshield of his car had been vandalized, causing him to cancel public appearances. However, a police report had previously concluded that the damage was instead caused by a stray rock.[6] Nevertheless, Kapanke persisted in publicly blaming it on protesters; according to PolitiFact, "Kapanke allowed the myth of the smashed windshield to run wild and uncorrected for almost three weeks after he knew it was not true."


Get Schilling out of there, and she can take Kind with her


I wouldn't vote for Dan Kapanke if he was the last politician standing. Stick to selling peanuts at Logger games.


Kapanke is a good man; this should be easy work for him.

Our political representation, state and federal, is heavy with dead wood Democrats that do nothing but show up at fish fries.


Feehan may have had a better chance if he wasn’t so much like him...

Tim Russell

The Republicans couldn't find anyone willing to run.


We need politicians willing to invest in our children and infrastructure. Republicans have failed on both counts. Sen. Schilling has been doing a great job! Re-elect her!

Urban Pioneer

What exactly has Sen Jen passed through the Senate?


The article quotes Sen. Jennifer Schilling's priorities. I'd like to see a senator in office whose priority is infrastructure, particularly the maintenance of the state highways which run through La Crosse: Hwy. 16 (La Crosse St.), Hwy. 33 (State Rd./Jackson St.), and Hwy. 35 (George St.). Public works - transport infrastructure especially - should be a priority of city/county/state governments. First things first.


Yes, it would have been great if it would have been a priority for Scott Walker.


Yup, but the FoxConn thing was his priority and he was defeated in the last election. He's gone now. Old news...

It would have been nice if it was a priority for Jennifer Schilling too. It hasn't been and still does not appear to be a priority for her though her constituents have been complaining about area infrastructure for years. Hopefully, she'll be defeated just as Scott Walker was. Good luck, Dan!


You'd think that after losing multiple elections he'd figure out that the people just don't want him to represent them.


Yup. A lot of us think Kapanke is old news too. Go Jennifer!!!

Urban Pioneer

The Fox-conn thing WAS a priority since the impact will be felt across the state. and the major access point from Chicago for transportation AND tourism was the 10 mile stretch right where FoxConn is being built out.

Kapanke only lost by a handful of votes, 54, With the expectation that Prez Trump will bring quite a draw, and Sanders, Buttigieg nor Bloomberg will be drawing out voters I think Sen Jenn's days are numbered.

BTW Walker only barely lost because of a bunch of phony Weed advisory referendums. Those stoners are still trying to figure why it didn't work.


Urban Pioneer - And I think you are wrong. Care to address the points Lax lifer made above?

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