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Staying home and taking precautions is WHY there are so few cases in our area as of yet. Why is that so hard to understand?

random annoying bozo

if you have a business that derives it's income from tourism...sucks to be you!


Olivia Herken writes “As pandemic rages on” and this is not checked by editorial board or maybe they concur with this sensationalism? Anything to agitate, instigate, or propagate restlessness amongst the population. As if LaCrosse or the county has a real problem. Once again small city and area with really nothing going on trying to be center of attention. This is why people more and more tune out journalists and their misleading rhetoric. Swivel chair analysts who lack real exposure/experiences with so many issues. Just watch press conferences and listen to their idiotic questions.


Are you trying to say that the GOP never sensationalizes anything? I'm confused why you're attacking good journalist for rhetoric when the president has the very best rhetoric, everybody tells him "hey I've never seen such perfect rhetoric before" They say "how are you so smart and knowledgeable about everything" they tell him you're doing unbelievable, so great just look at the press conference ratings because that's what the press conferences are all about ratings. Everybody talk about the ratings because they can't believe how well he's handling this!


Rake LC Parks, fix bike paths, roads & trails. Can we get 100 GI sleeping bags City/Co &/or find 100-125 Habitat Homes for 100's 1000 for drifters, homeless and migrants?


Not sure how no cases reported in 11 days constitutes "rages on"



Tim Russell

39,412 New Cases of COVID-19 reported on 4/21/2020.

random annoying bozo

does 26 cases in a population of over 115k really ever constitute a 'rage'?

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