La Crosse Police Department Chief Ronald J. Tischer has accepted an official offer to assume command of the Payson Police Department in Payson, Ariz., a Payson official said Thursday.

“Chief Tischer has received and accepted an official offer,” said LaRon Garrett, town manager of the town of Payson.

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat said Thursday evening he has not received a letter of resignation from Tischer.

La Crosse Police Chief Ron Tischer


Tischer, who has served as the city of La Crosse Police Department’s chief since 2012 and has about 25 years of law enforcement experience in Wisconsin, will replace Payson’s retiring police chief, Donald Engler.

Engler’s last day will be July 26, said LaRon Garrett, town manager of the town of Payson and Tischer will assume command effective July 29.

In 2012, Tischer, who dubbed La Crosse his “forever home,” said La Crosse County wasn’t tough enough on drug dealers and would advocate for more accountability and harsher penalties.

The New Berlin, Wis., native sought a mechanical-engineering degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1983 and then enrolled in criminal justice classes at Waukesha County Technical College in 1994.

He was hired by the Racine County Sheriff’s Department halfway through the police recruit academy and quickly accepted a job offer from the River Hills Police Department as a patrol officer in Milwaukee.

Immediately before coming to La Crosse, Tischer commanded patrol officers and a technical unit in Waukesha, Wis.

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let it go

I think a valuable lessen has been learned here and should be considered when hiring a new Chief of Police. That lesson is that when the department does not promote from within you don not get the quality you had in the past because they do not know the people or the area. For this reason. when it comes to hiring a new Chief please promote from within the department. Changing what wasn't broken never works.


This guy behaves like a baby. Still no letter of resignation to mayor of his "forever home?" Safe bet, looking at his bouncing around work history, that he won't last in AZ either.


La Crosse was dubbed his forever home until he got here and quickly realized that all of his departments hard work wasn't worth it because....as he said, La Crosse is not hard enough on drug dealers. I think he realized that it isn't La Crosse, the officers or the community, it is the judges letting the criminals walk free to commit new crimes, re-commit the crime they are accused of and pass drugs around with a slap on the hand. Arizona would sound good to me too!!!! I don't blame him one bit for leaving. Maybe Rob Abraham will get the Chief job this time and continue to fight for tougher penalties on criminals, specifically drug dealers. Hopefully one day La Crosse judges will realize that owing child support is NOT as harmful to the community as selling Meth, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Bath Salt or whatever else these idiots conger up to sell!!!!!!!!!


I'm hoping he doesn't get the job. He's a whiner just like you.


A whiner because I want to see changes made and the courts harder on drug dealers and other criminals? If that is whining, so be it.


The Judges are following the law. If you don't like it just keep whining and see how far that gets you.

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