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Truth Hurts

If the majority wants a ban how come Ken handily lost an election lost fall. How come Steve and Theresa were re-elected within the last year when their stance on frac sand has been well known prior to each election.? How come Judy was elected given her stance on frac sand was also well known. Last I checked these 3 commissioners where from La Crescent and Caledonia. The population centers in Houston County, which ding ding...Represents the majority.
You want to talk desperate. Week after week I see lies, childish behavior and harassment all at the hands of the Houston County Protectors. It is on display at the board meetings, local newspapers and all of the Internet. Ken has an article full of lies in the Caledonia paper this week. Last week it was Brian and Sue in the Caledonia and Spring Grove papers. Talk about desperate.


Name calling just proves how desperate and unintelligent the opposition is, especially since ou812 has not even read the Proposed Ordinance. It is a VERY good ordinance!! Houston Co. Commissioners should try a new approach, Listening to taxpayers, who very much want to Ban Frac Sand Mining in Houston Co and keep peace in the County, this Proposed Ordinance does both.


How long does it take to report an ABUSE before Tribune removes said abuse!! Name calling is unacceptable!!


ace lady, you must be new to this board. A little thin skinned as well the way it looks. You ain't seen nothing yet as the song goes. Tune in some time when Tower, Jarhmir, Old Homey and others lash out at Chip Denure, aka Buggs Raplin. Now that's name calling. Toughen up there cowboy. By the by, does ace lady refer to an employee or former employee of Ace Telephone Co of Houston county fame?


kENNY should not be taken seriously He is a fruitcake.

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