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What will a test cost?


Mayo Clinic owns their own specialty reference laboratory called Mayo medical labs and can process 4000 covid 19 tests a day. Probably will be more in the coming weeks. Doctors from all over the world use them. It’s really comparing apples to oranges. It’s nice though they can now start doing them.


[beam] Great news. Now both hosp. can do this. Mayo developed its test and own lab last week!

Fidel Cashflow

We're very fortunate to have two fine hospitals here in La Crosse. I wonder why the article says: Currently, Mayo Clinic Health System sends tests taken at its facility to Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Fidel Cashflow

Great work, Gundersen!


[love] I always loved Gundersen. I am so happy that my insurance allows me to get care there. They put patients first!!!


Thank you Gundersen. I had the honor of working in Infectious Disease at Gundersen and also with Dr. Kowalski, and the rest of the maxing providers in that dept. Keep up the Great work!


Thank you, Gundersen employees! We are ready for good news and you have provided some for us.

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