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Well we hear the famous words "this merger will increase services and reduce costs". In reality it usually means less competition so patients are stuck with fewer choices and forced to pay whatever they need to. We have Mayo as an option, but St. Francis is now part of this much larger facility because of that merger. Did they reduce prices for their services after the merger? Can anyone present proof that is what happened?

I would really like to see health care costs go way down but I would be amazed, if this merger goes through, that patients actually pay less for services after the merger is completed. I guess you need to show me where a merger of two large medical centers has ever reduced costs to patients. I certainly could be wrong but lets check back if this merger really goes through.


How will this affect Marshfield's research?


Mergers are not always good for employees. Efficiency is gained by elimination of duplicative services and other processes. Let the medical game of thrones begin...

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