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Rick Czeczok

Pettibone beach has already become a dangerous cesspool. broken bear bottles in the sand, fires left burning overnight, and needles on the beach. Don't believe me, go look for yourself. Great move council. Someone is going to get hurt, it's just a matter of time. It must be closed down now....


Those broken bear bottles are a real hazard. How do the bears drink from bottles? Is this a circus act that comes to the beach?


What about Bluebird Springs? A buck to get in, no chlorine, no mosquitoes, can picnic, grill, and sun bathe right next to the spring water pond or enjoy picnic tables and play ground next to the water or have lunch, ice-cream, or a cold one in the rec hall, why would anyone go anyplace else?


I see West Salems P.O.S pool isn't one of them. All those nice aquatic centers and what does West Salem get. Repairs. Pool. Losing end of July. A waste of taxpayers $$$. Pathetic. They think they can get 30 more years out of an already outdated pool

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