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Reconstruction video

The Wisconsin State Patrol Technical Reconstruction Unit, state Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation and La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department on Oct. 28 returned to Hwy. M just south of Bergum Coulee Road in the town of Hamilton to recreate a crash as described by Todd Kendhammer.

Kendhammer, 46, of West Salem told authorities he was driving north on the highway on Sept. 16 when a pipe fell from an oncoming truck and impaled the passenger side of his windshield, striking his wife. She died the next day.

Prosecutors on Dec. 6 charged Kendhammer with first-degree intentional homicide, arguing evidence and autopsy findings revealed Barbara Kendhammer suffered extensive injuries to the front and back of her head and neck inconsistent with a single blow from a pipe. Analysis of the damaged windshield showed that the pipe hit it at least once before breaking through.

During the reconstruction, authorities let a 53-inch metal pipe weighing 10.5 pounds — a replica of the one recovered after the incident — roll off an incline constructed in the bed of a pickup truck driving at different speeds during nine scenarios. Multiple cameras recorded the fall of the pipe and where it struck the pavement.

The slow motion videos were recorded on a vehicle traveling in front of the pickup used to recreate the incident. The other videos were recorded on a camera mounted on the front of the pickup used to recreate the incident.

The recordings, released by the state patrol in compliance with state open record law, begin north of the incident site. Viewers can see several parked cars on Bergum Coulee Road.

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(24) comments


I believe it more accurate to call it "a re-enactment, based on witness/defendant statements and explanations. " Conducted by the state of Wisconsin Crime Lab.

Call em like I see em

Anne Jungen is a drop dead goddess!


Todd and his attorney would be wise to seek a plea deal. 2nd degree murder, perhaps. If he has even a small shred of decency left within his soul, he wouldn't put his kids or either side of the families through a trial. The evidence is compelling. Do yourself and everyone else a big favor there, Todd. Just confess and give some closure to your kids so they can adjust, move on.


Random Liberal Bozo: Even an uneducated dolt like you should be able to look at the evidence and see that your son is guilty. Maybe you condone domestic violence; you're probably a frequent flyer with the La Crosse PD. But facts are facts, and I'm sorry to tell you that your boy is going away for life. Just as your friends Koula and Lepsch.

random annoying bozo

so have you begun work on the gallows yet? when is the jail to be stormed by the mob to drag this person out and hang him?

sorry, I don't know any of the parties involved here, but that sure didn't stop you from jumping to conclusions. the problem I have here is speculative evidence, that should be brought out in court, before a jury, with much needed context, such as motive included, and not broadcast out to the public.....or should government make videos of what their 'theory' is of all crimes, and broadcast them to the public? then we wouldn't even need trials anymore.

call me old fashioned, but I like trials to be conducted in courts and not the public, with pertinent information supplied to the jury, before the public. with an unpolluted jury pool.


Rab this is not a government conspiracy. This is the evidence that the state has and will present. I have to say it looks like he killed her.

random annoying bozo

seriously, how dense are you people....did I say anything about a conspiracy?

evidence should be presented in a court of law, not a court of public opinion. this re-enacted video being released to the public serves no purpose, other than to enflame the public and pollute the jury pool.

your mind is already made up, and a trial hasn't even been scheduled yet. that is my point.

random annoying bozo

a point of clarification, this video isn't a re-enactment, but rather a re-enactment of a 'theory'.


Why the reference as a liberal? Liberals believe in science and facts, conservatives believe in made up supreme beings.


Rab you the only one appearing dense. This case will be moved to a different county. Nobody will have any knowledge of it. If the do they should speak up and they will be revised.


Random Liberal Bozo: Keep ur thoughts to yourself. Your boy is guilty. Best advice you can give your friend Todd is to do to himself what he did to his wife and spare us the cost of a trial and imprisonment.

random annoying bozo

ya, good old vigilante justice, that's what we need, right?

and that is what having a trial in the court of public opinion is, vigilante justice. the old concept of having their day of court with a trial of ones peers is so yesterday.




He's innocent! He's innocent! Give him a cupcake and send him home!


incidentally, prosecutors don't release most of this stuff. outside of information released at arraignment, additional information is compelled by media through open information laws.

random annoying bozo

ya, let's put everything out for the public to see. why have 'officials add commentary too?. who cares if the jury pool gets polluted. everyone knows it's way way better to try someone in public than the courts anyways.


You must think the Trib has more readers than I do... Never underestimate the ignorance of people on being aware of what is happening around them every day. Go ask random people on the street if they've even heard of this story.


Ain't that the truth!

random annoying bozo

hmmmmm, I re-read my comment a couple times, but darned if I can find anywhere in it where the trib was mentioned......maybe you should try actually reading what I wrote, and not what you 'think' I wrote.


This case will be granted a change of venue.


I actually have to say that I agree with you on this. I know there are some aspects of this case that aren't being released to the media, there as to be, however, I don't recall a case around here that has had this much information released to the public prior to the trial. Personally, if I were called to jury selection on this one, they would have to excuse me. I have seen too much evidence already. I believe in innocent until PROVEN guilty, however, in my eyes, from what I have seen and read, he is guilty as the day is long. My opinion based off of information that I have been able to evaluate.


I totally agree with you. Why has this case had so much released to the public? Why is this case different than other homicides in this area? It doesn't make sense. His defense must have an ace up their sleeve to prove his innocence. I too believe in innocent until PROVEN guilty. I would never be able to be a juror on this case. Too much is out there, too many unanswered questions. I pray the "whole truth" comes out. Todd knows what that is. I hope all this family can find some peace. RIP Barb.


You won't be in the jury pool, the case will be tried in a different county.


Save your breath, it has been proven that praying affects nothing except the psychie of the person praying. The facts are the facts and the evidence is the evidence. Evidence substantiates the facts. The "whole truth" can only be provided by the defendant.

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